QI Academy Curriculum

The Clinical Excellence Commission's Quality Improvement Academy was established in January 2016 to provide Quality Improvement education and tools for staff in healthcare who want to improve the safety and quality of healthcare.

The objectives of the Academy include building capacity and capability for improvement science across NSW healthcare organisations; and providing training and education with an emphasis on patient safety, clinical quality and clinical leadership.

Education is provided through a number of mediums, including:

Key Subject Areas

Advanced measurement & variation

Clinical Practice Improvement

Human Factors

Clinical Leadership

Medication Safety

End of life care

Root Cause Analysis

Introduction to measurement

Improvement Science using a Driver Diagram

Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) prevention

Between the Flags

Antimicrobial Audit training

Quality Improvement Academy Prospectus

A prospectus offers options, including:

  • State-wide training – including face to face, webinars and training programs
  • Commissioning the Clinical Excellence Commission to facilitate, locally, tailored training with the support of local experts
  • Resources including on demand live and recorded webex and webinars