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About the Clinical Excellence Commission


The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) is responsible for leading safety and quality improvement in the NSW public health system. It was established in 2004 to promote and support improved clinical care, safety and quality across NSW. The CEC is guided by NSW Health values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment.

Our programs, projects and initiatives address quality and safety issues identified in the NSW health system. Areas of focus include engaging patients and consumers in care, improving clinical practice, building capacity in health care and using data to drive change.

The Clinical Excellence Commission is a board-governed statutory health corporation established under the Health Services Act 1997.



The Clinical Excellence Commission improves safety and quality in the NSW public health system by:
  • Coordinating system-wide analyses of issues through audit and review
  • Working collaboratively with clinicians, patients, managers and the community
  • Implementing programs, projects and initiatives to address identified issues.

To find out more about our programs, click here.

The Clinical Excellence Commission works closely with local health districts and specialty health networks, the Ministry of Health, Agency for Clinical Innovation, Bureau of Health Information, Health Education and Training Institute, NSW Kids and Families and the Cancer Institute NSW to deliver safety and quality improvement in the NSW public health system.

Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose

The CEC provides leadership in safety and quality in NSW to improve healthcare for patients.

Our Vision

The NSW health system provides the safest and highest quality care for every patient.

Our Logo

The symbol is derived from the wings that top the caduceus, the "staff of medicine" that commonly symbolises medical care. Importantly for the Clinical Excellence Commission, wings also stand for the work of reaching a high standard; in this case, the ideal of excellence.

The lines in the wing symbol all curve to converge on a single point, reflecting the way Clinical Excellence Commission initiates and manages system change from varied starting points and helps guide it towards a common goal: the goal of best practice. Secondary lines loop in as a metaphor for feedback loops, an important element in the Clinical Excellence Commission's collaborative approach.

The lines also divide the symbol into layers, symbolising the different levels within (and beyond) the health care system that Clinical Excellence Commission works across.

The palette of aquas and greens communicates a fresh approach, and suggests (glass-like) transparency.

Combined with a neutral, modern typeface, the symbol suggests authority without pomposity, a concern for quality and excellence, a professional and clinical approach, and an approachability and openness that invites involvement.