Board Committees

Appropriate consultation and engagement with clinicians, patients and communities in relation to the design and delivery of relevant health services is a responsibility of the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC).

Finance and Performance Committee

The primary role of the Finance and Performance Committee is to ensure the operating funds, capital works funds and service outputs required of the CEC, are being achieved in an appropriate and efficient manner.

Research and Education Committee

The primary role of the Research & Education Committee is to:

  • provide leadership to, and governance oversight of research and education conducted by the CEC, to improve the safety and quality of care for patients in NSW public hospitals; and
  • advise the Board on the priority, quality and relevance of research and education undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by, on behalf of the CEC.

Consumer Advisors

Engaging consumers in improving the safety and quality of health care is particularly important. Patients, family and carers provide valuable insights from their own experiences and ideas about how to improve health care. CEC Consumer Advisors provide their perspective for a range of safety and quality committees and projects that are working to make health care better and safer in NSW.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Consumer Advisor please contact us on 9269 5521 or email