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The eChartbook The Clinical Excellence Commission

 CEC Indicators Introduction eChartbook

The eChartbook is an interactive web-based tool providing an overview of the state of knowledge of the quality of healthcare services in NSW, designed for use by clinicians and other interest groups. Its aim is to be a key resource for driving change with the NSW health system.

The web-based eChartbook redesign builds on the success of the previous paper-based publication series The Chartbook. The four print editions of The Chartbook were well-received by the health system. However, the changing context of health data reporting, both in terms of volume of data and in terms of reporting tools available, required a fresh approach.

The rebooted eChartbook has been made more relevant in a contemporary data-rich context by refocusing on the Clinical Excellence Commission's (CEC) own programs and projects. The eChartbook Portal presents more timely data through the use of dynamic charts, updated in real time. eChartbook's web-based format encourages and facilitates feedback and dialogue through modern communication technologies.

By responding to changing times, eChartbook now provides a timely, accurate, and useful tool. This tool is valuable for clinicians and clinical leaders throughout the NSW health system. The timeliness of data presented through eChartbook enables clinicians to rapidly respond to new trends and developments.

Please make use of the feedback links throughout eChartbook to let us know how we can make eChartbook even more relevant to you and your needs, or email us directly at The purpose of eChartbook is to generate discussion and for that discussion to generate change, with the ultimate goal of improving the safety and quality of NSW healthcare.