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The eChartbook The Clinical Excellence Commission

Letter to Clinicians CEC Indicators Introduction eChartbook

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Clinical Excellence Commission's new eChartbook web portal. The web portal is the next evolution of the Chartbook, which in previous years was published in hardcopy as The Chartbook on Safety and Quality in Health Care in NSW. eChartbook has a tighter focus on the projects and programs of the CEC, and much more timely data.

eChartbook is designed for use by Local Health District (LHD) health professionals to assist in identifying opportunities for improvement and to stimulate action across the health system. eChartbook is also intended to inform the public about safety and quality issues and is written in a publicly-accessible style. Building on the success of previous print editions, eChartbook provides analysis and standardised commentary on range of safety and quality indicators. Data is presented in a web-based tabulated format according to LHD and has been reviewed by program leads and clinical experts, and where appropriate, by NSW Ministry of Health and external agencies.

Importantly, eChartbook will present data in a more timely fashion than the previous hardcopy Chartbook series. By its very nature, the eChartbook will continue to be updated with additional indicators and data regularly. Several indicators will now be in the form of dynamic (near real time) charts,with more planned for the future.

Please promote the eChartbook publication in your circle of colleagues and encourage them to raise issues for both local services and the wider health system via the e-mail feedback system. The eChartbook Portal and all publications from the previous Chartbook series are accessible via The eChartbook has been designed to allow you to provide feedback to us and to easily share information with your colleagues.

For further information regarding eChartbook please contact André Jenkins, Director, Information Management, Clinical Excellence Commission on 02 9269 5500 or email