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The eChartbook The Clinical Excellence Commission

Development and initiation of the eChartbook portal CEC Indicators Introduction eChartbook
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eChartbook: 2012-onwards

In 2012, the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) decided to refresh The Chartbook product and change it from an annual physical publication to a dynamic web-based resource: the eChartbook.
As a result of it:

  • continues to meet the original Chartbook goals stated above
  • is much more focused on data derived from CEC collections
  • continues to provide tailored commentary augmented by additional charts
  • is more timely and more frequent: as data becomes available it is updated
  • is linked back to the relevant CEC program/project pages
  • has tools to enable users to comment on and share the data
  • has moved from annual physical publication to delivery via the eChartbook portal.

The eChartbook portal went live in November 2013. Currently available indicators are listed in the navigation bar to the right. We welcome any feedback using the tools below, and will use this and other information to develop and improve the portal continually.

Chartbook Program: 2008-2012

The CEC produced hardcopy editions of The Chartbook each year from 2008 (Chartbook 2007-2010) as an annual quality improvement monitoring tool to monitor and respond to changes in key areas of safety and quality. They are all available from the right hand navigation menu under chartbook.

The Chartbook was designed:
  • to stimulate both discussion and action across the system leading to further improvements in the quality and safety of health services
  • as a tool for measuring and reporting safety and quality in the NSW health system at a State and local health district (LHD) or health network (LHN) level
  • to be a key resource to drive change within the NSW health system
  • a plain English overview of the state of knowledge of the quality of healthcare services in NSW, for use by clinicians, but importantly, available to public and non-specialist audiences and
  • as a source of relevant information for LHD/LHN and Clinical Governance Units, in both tabular and graphical format with accompanying text to interpret the findings, discuss their importance and evaluate their implications.

The Chartbook is not a scorecard, nor does it include information on adverse events, which are presented in detail in other CEC and NSW Ministry of Health publications.