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The Clinical Excellence Commission works with doctors, nurses, other health workers and with patients and families to steadily improve patient safety and quality in all aspects of healthcare across the NSW health system. We are currently developing plans and proposals to build on the achievements of the past few years, and to deal with some of the challenges and risks for the future, to keep improving the experience of safe, high quality care for all.

As part of the planning process, we are seeking ideas and suggestions from a wide variety of people including doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers and experts, patients, their families, and community groups, all who are involved in, and who care about how to continue to improve the experience of healthcare for everyone across the State.

Those ideas and suggestions will help to shape the final plan we will produce over the coming months and become the basis for our work over the next four years.  Input from the community and from across the system will also provide opportunities for continuing our conversations with patients, communities and frontline staff to keep improving the experience of safe, high quality care across the health system in NSW.