The Clinical Excellence Commission has a small budget for sponsorships and occasionally supports organisations and programs with events, seminars and promotions that align with our strategic priorities and are focused on quality improvement and patient safety in NSW.

Guidelines for Applicants

Organisations and individuals seeking sponsorship are advised to complete the attached Sponsorship Application Form, which will need to accompany your detailed sponsorship proposal.

Applications should be received by the CEC no less than six (6) weeks before the sponsorship activity to allow the CEC sufficient time to evaluate, plan and leverage the opportunity.

Please note: CEC will not consider any generic sponsorship proposals.

All sponsorship requests are subject to an approval process, ongoing management and evaluation to ensure communication opportunities are maximised. Below are some of the criteria which applicants should address in their proposal to the CEC.

The CEC will consider opportunities that:

  • Help develop key partnerships across the continuum of care and relevant sectors to identify and support agreed priorities in safety and quality
  • Engage local health district/network boards, other key leadership groups, as well as current and future clinical leaders in NSW
  • Opportunity for CEC to teach/present on quality & safety
  • Increase support for accreditation with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
  • Support the role of clinical governance in health services to lead and monitor safety and quality
  • Support the roles of clinicians, managers and patients to lead safety and quality
  • Offer opportunities to engage with key partners to improve frontline staff capability and capacity in safety and quality in health services
  • Cover known and newly emerging system-wide issues in safety and quality
  • Improve consumer and clinician engagement within CEC’s work
  • Provide engagement opportunities for CEC staff
  • Contribute to the CEC achieving its strategic objectives
  • Provide networking opportunities with national and international subject matter experts

For further information, please contact the CEC Events Officer on 02 9269 5606.

Application Requirements

When assessing a submission for sponsorship the CEC will evaluate how our involvement with the organisation will help the CEC influence more people with our key messages. The following information may be useful to address in your application:

  • brief background of your organisation (including parent companies)
  • concise description of the sponsorship opportunity
  • list of benefits to CEC
  • total sponsorship funds sought
  • history and objectives of sponsorship
  • past involvement in the event by CEC and/or NSW Health
  • list of current or confirmed sponsors
  • list of dates of events and location/s
  • start and finish dates of sponsorship
  • target audience and number of people expected to participate or form the audience
  • strategies to launch, publicise and promote the sponsorship, including television, radio, social media and press coverage and use of personalities for promotional activities
  • details of additional activities CEC could participate in
  • contact person regarding this sponsorship
  • your ABN
  • evaluation reports from previous events/activities or method of evaluation for new event/activities