Stripe 1 - Diagnostics

The diagnostic phase, designed to help clinicians gain an understanding of the current state of their clinical unit. A key component of Stripe 1 is the invitation to clinical teams to measure their safety climate by either using a validated survey tool or facilitated team conversation. These results are aligned with other diagnostic data considered relevant by the clinical team. Data such as, but not limited to, patient compliments and complaints, voluntary reporting (such as IIMS) and hospital acquired complications.

Stripe 2 - Team Safety Fundamentals

Effective teamwork and communication are foundational elements in building a culture of safety and are key elements of high reliability organisations. High reliability organisations are organisations which recognise that normal mistakes and errors occur. However, they are able to avoid catastrophic harm despite their high risk environment. Our inability to communicate effectively within teams and with patients and their carers is directly linked to patient harm.

In Stripe 2 we focus on introducing fundamental elements to harness strengths and improve teamwork and communication. The 'Team Safety Fundamentals' are practical, most require a short implementation time and have the potential to bring quick measurable gains.

Stripe 3 - Improvement Priorities

An area of need or risk is identified through the diagnostic and communication work which will provide the focus for the improvement initiative. Through the guided gap analysis in Stripe 1 teams will decide on their improvement priorities and be guided to resources which they can tailor to the unique needs of their specialty area. At this time the capability of the team will be assessed in relation to their knowledge of improvement science and, if required, education can be provided.

Stripe 4 - Sustainability

The team will review preceding work to ensure all issues were addressed and no unintended consequences of the improvement have occurred. Evaluation is completed and any outstanding issues are identified. Improvement and safety become business as usual which will bring the team back to Stripe 1.