Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: We are external to NSW Health. Are we able to use the BTF charts in our facility/health area?

  • A 1: Yes, Facilities external to NSW Health are able to use the BTF charts after requesting permission from the Clinical Excellence Commission CEO.

Q 2: How do I get permission for my organisation to use the BTF charts?

  • A 2: Your facility/health area chief executive or delegate needs to write to the CEC CEO requesting permission to use the charts within your facility. The CEC will then be required to sign a letter of agreement which outlines the terms of use.

Q3: Can we customise the BTF charts for our own facility?

  • A3: Once a signed letter of agreement is received by the CEC, you can contact the printer regarding the charts. Modifications that can be made include substituting the NSW Health logo with your facility logo, with the following words beneath "Used with permission of the Clinical Excellence Commission".

Q 4: When will the charts be available on eMR (electronic medical records)?

  • A 4: The NSW Standard Observation Charts for Adults and Paediatric (Standard and Emergency Department versions) are available electronically through the CERNER eMR. The design has been shared with NSW LHDs using non-CERNER eMR. Emergency Departments were the first to start using the electronic charts and implementation continues throughout hospitals across the state. Contact the eMR State Baseline Build (SBB) team at eHealth NSW for further information.

Q 5: Are all staff (clinical and non-clinical) required to complete BTF education?

  • A 5: Yes, education varies depending on your role within the organisation. Please discuss with your unit manager and/or your facility delegate responsible for BTF and DETECT training.

Q 6: Who do I contact regarding BTF issues within my facility?

  • A 6: Each facility and LHD has delegated executive sponsors and program managers for Between the Flags who can be contacted regarding any feedback.