April Falls Day 2019

The focus of April Falls Day® 2019 is Falls and Frailty. Frailty is a risk factor for poorer health outcomes including falls, hospitalisation, admission to residential aged care and disability. It can be measured by looking at deficits related to fatigue, strength, mobility, illness and loss of weight.

What is Frailty?

A clinical syndrome in which three or more of the following are present:

  • Unintentional weight loss (e.g. 4.5kg in the last year)
  • Self-reported exhaustion
  • Weakness (grip strength)
  • Slow walking speed
  • Low physical activity

(Fried et al. J Geront 2001;56:M146-M156)

April Falls Day 2019® – we are highlighting the signs of Frailty. Frailty can impact a person’s ability to function and maintain independence on a daily basis. Falling is strongly linked to frailty. A frail older person can present with falls while suffering a minor illness.

Frailty, Do you know the signs?

  • Un-intentional weight loss
  • Slower walking speed
  • Weakness (grip strength)
  • Lower physical activity levels
  • Exhaustion

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Other Resources:

Staying Active

Eating well and staying active is important for all older people. Please visit the Active and Healthy website to find an appropriate exercise program close to you:

Visit Staying Active to:

  1. Find a local exercise program (such as Stepping On or Tai Chi) that includes balance and strength exercises. There is good evidence that balance and strength exercises can reduce a person’s risk of falling.
  2. Order Staying active and on your feet booklets

Eating well guides

The Public Health Nutrition team from Central Coast Local Health District aims to maintain or improve the nutritional health of older people. They have produced a number of leading resources for use across Australia. These include:

  • Eating Well booklet - a nutrition resource for older people and their carers
  • Best Practice Food and Nutrition Manual for Aged Care – Edition 2.1

Hard copies of the Eating well guides can be ordered from Bidfood.