Hand Hygiene


Hand hygiene auditors are a departmental resource and their experience of hand hygiene matters can be drawn on for staff education and support. There are two types of auditors: gold standard auditors (GSA), and ward auditors.

Gold Standard Auditors

GSA training is a comprehensive schedule that involvesa workshop held over two days. The GSA is seen as a role model, educator, ward resource and hand hygiene champion. GSAs have been given jurisdiction by Hand Hygiene Australia (HHA) to provide training for ward auditors, to increase the number of auditors in each facility. To ensure validity in training, only the HHA state jurisdictional officer can train GSAs. In NSW, the jurisdictional officer is the CEC’s Hand Hygiene Project Officer.

For workshop bookings please contact your local hand hygiene lead (usually the Infection Control Practitioner) to discuss, or book online through HHA.

General Ward Auditors

Ward auditors are a vital component of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative. Training is held locally and run by hospital-based GSAs. Ward auditors must be trained with a minimum 5-hour mandatory content as specified by Hand Hygiene Australia. Please contact your local hand hygiene lead for more detail.

Online Training

HETI hosts the hand hygiene online learning package that is mandatory for all NSW Health employees to complete.

All hand hygiene auditors must complete the annual auditor validation online learning package, as well as submit a minimum of 100 audited 'moments' per calendar year to remain current.

HHA also has a selection of online learning packages for staff and students in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

Please note: All learners will need to complete a registration process to access the HHA e-learning modules.
By registering you will be given a login so that you can return and access your certificate anytime.
You will then be able to start an e-learning module and save your progress to return and finish at another time.

Information for Patients

Hand Hygiene Brochure

HHA has a range of information brochures for patients, carers and family.

History of Hand Hygiene

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