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Programs NSW Patient Safety

Patient Safety NSW

Nearly two million people receive care in NSW public hospitals every year, where the standards of care are among the best in the world. As is the case with every health system, occasionally an unplanned event occurs that causes harm, or has the potential to cause harm. This is known as a clinical incident.

NSW Health staff members are required to report all identified clinical incidents, near misses and complaints in the state-wide Incident Information Management System (IIMS). It is one of the world's largest clinical incident reporting systems, with over 140,000 incidents reported and 600 root-cause analyses (RCAs) completed annually.

CEC's Patient Safety Program

Program Overview

The Patient Safety Program helps to improve the quality and safety of health care in NSW by identifying statewide system gaps and informing effective statewide strategies for system improvements to clinical care.

It includes monitoring, analysis, feedback and reporting about the clinical incidents reported in IIMS and associated RCA reports. It is based upon a core philosophy that openness and sharing of information about risks to patients is pivotal to improving clinical care across NSW.

The program covers:

The Patient Safety Program is a key component of the CEC's commitment to improving safety and quality of clinical care across the NSW health system and is closely aligned with all the CEC programs and projects.


Please direct your queries and correspondence to:

Manager, Patient Safety
Clinical Excellence Commission
Locked Bag 8
Haymarket NSW 1240

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