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Future Functions of the Quality Systems Assessment (a consultative review process)

The Quality Systems Assessment was implemented (2007) as one of the core elements of the Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Program to provide assurance regarding local systems of safety and quality and ensure policy compliance.

The structures and processes of the QSA were developed with broad consultation to meet the system need at the time. The QSA has evolved with feedback since 2007, but our health system has changed by an even greater margin. Such a level of change in the health landscape has created a challenge for the QSA to continue to adapt and remain relevant and valuable at both the local and system level.


It is therefore time for a broader review of the QSA functions and operations.

In whatever way the QSA is redefined, the information sharing infrastructure that connects clinical practice with system structures is a key function that the CEC needs to retain and enhance. Such infrastructure is valuable to help understand local needs and agree priorities that enable improvement partnerships.

The consultation stages are:

Stage 1 (June 2015): Internal CEC review of the QSA functions in line with existing consultation that has influenced the CEC Strategic Plan (2015-18) process

Stage 2 (July 2015): Understanding local needs and value with respect to the future functions of the QSA

Stage 3 (August 2015): Exploring system level partnership opportunities for agreed priorities and shared solutions


With respect to the consultation process the 2015 QSA cycle has been put on hold. There will not be a self-assessment starting in August 2015.

Creating this pause-point in the regular QSA cycle allows for thorough consideration of the future functions of the QSA in partnership with local teams.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Ian Richards, QSA Program Lead on 9269 5622 / 0405 726 678 or email:


Please direct your queries and correspondence to:

Program Lead, Quality Systems Assessment
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