State-wide Scheduled Training

Advanced Measurement and Variation Workshop Provides participants practical experience with key tools for understanding safety and quality data. 1 day
Driver  Diagram Train the Trainer Workshop Provides training for NSW Health staff so that they can co-present or independently run Driver Diagram workshops. 1 day
Collaborative Breakthrough methodology Advanced training in Collaborative Breakthrough methodology for leader clinicians 3 days
Crew Resource Management Provides health care staff with structure on how to communicate within teams and how to escalate concerns across the authority gradient 1 day
Executive Clinical Leadership Program (ECLP) Training in leadership and improvement for senior clinicians and managers within NSW Health Over 11 months
Human Factors Workshop Advanced training for health care staff in the area of Human Factors to support them in the investigation, analysis and management of human error in the health system 3 days
Improvement Advisor Program Advanced training in quality and safety for full-time experts in this field Over 1 year
Medication Reconciliation (Train the Trainer) Advanced training for clinical staff on the reconciliation of medications 2 days
Patient Safety Fellowship Program Advanced training in quality and safety for lead clinicians Over 1 year
Patient Safety Forum Training and professional development for patient safety managers 1 day
Patient Safety RCA Team Leader Training for Health Care Staff who will lead root cause analysis (RCA) investigations 2 days
Quality Management System Auditor Training Training for LHD/SHN staff to become quality management system auditors which allows individuals with no qualifications or prior experience of quality systems to train as auditors 2 days