Webex and Webinars

Course Summary Duration
5 x 5 Antimicrobial Audit Training to support implementation of the 5x5 Antimicrobial Audit across NSW local health districts and specialty health networks. Up to 3 hours
Collaborating Hospitals' Audit of Surgical Mortality (CHASM) Training for Reviewers who audit the deaths of patients who were under the care of a surgeon at some time during their hospital stay in NSW. 1 hour
Driver Diagrams Training in Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) methodology to address a problem or issue that participants have identified as affecting patient outcomes. Up to 2 hours
Falls Prevention Training for all Health Care Staff on screening and assessment for falls risk and strategies for prevention Up to 2 hours
Sepsis Database Management Training for all Clinical Staff on how to enter information into the Sepsis database Up to 2 hours