AMBER care bundle in practice

The AMBER care bundle has four key interventions for patients whose potential for recovery is uncertain, with clear timelines for response.

  1. Talking to the patients and their family to let them know that the healthcare team has concerns about their condition, and to discuss their preferences and wishes
  2. Confirming the current medical plan
  3. Deciding together how the patient will be cared for should their condition get worse
  4. Agreeing the plan with all the clinical team responsible for the patient’s care as well as the patient and family.
How the AMBER care bundle works

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Getting started with the AMBER care bundle

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Measurement & Evaluation

When planning to implement improvement strategies, it is important to collect initial data to provide a baseline for data comparison and assist in identifying areas that may require focused attention. Data from the initial collection can be used to engage organisational and clinician support for improvement. Regular collection of data will indicate the effectiveness of strategies used.

Guidance on measurement & evaluation
AMBER care bundle

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Data collection & reporting requirements
AMBER care bundle

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