Partnering with Patients

REACH - Patient and Family Escalation

REACH is an initiative of the Partnering with Patients program that enables the patient, family or carer to escalate concerns about the condition of themselves or their loved ones while they are in hospital. The program builds on the emergency response systems already in use at the health service.

It acknowledges that patients, family and carers can recognise other signs of deterioration before they are clinically evident.

The REACH model

The REACH model is a graded approach to patient and family activated escalation.

It encourages patients, family and carers to initially engage with their nurse if they are concerned that 'something is not right'. If they continue to be worried they can then escalate their concerns by requesting a clinical review knowing that this should occur within 30 minutes.

Finally, if they are still concerned and all other avenues have been exhausted, an independent review or rapid/emergency response can be activated by the patient, family or carer using local processes.

REACH casts the safety net wider and provides assurance that help is on its way.

Implementing REACH

The CEC supports sites that want to implement REACH by guiding them through the implementation process. The REACH process aligns with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (Standard 9.9).

To register your interest in the REACH program and to access the full suite of REACH resources, please click here.

Staff Feedback

Staff feedback from the REACH pilot was positive.

  "There was a lot of apprehension to start with by all the staff, but now it’s just part of normal business. All calls were genuine and for us we felt that REACH has provided another safety net for the patient. Everyone was apprehensive at the start - that we would get lots of nuisance calls and in reality that hasn’t happened - we have had exactly what the literature said and that’s been really good."
Director of Nursing

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