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Programs HAI - Environmental Cleaning Standard Operating Procedures

Healthcare facilities should comply with the Environmental Cleaning Standard Operating Procedures, which contain detailed best practice procedures for environmental cleaning in healthcare facilities.

The Standard Operating Procedures are divided into modules that cover processes required to implement a comprehensive environmental cleaning program.

The Environmental Cleaning Standard Operating Procedures are updated continually and users should check that they have the most recent version.


Module Title


Download PDF ~ Details

Introduction Introduction ~ Definition of Terms May 2013 PDF ~ 93kb
Module 1 Frequency of cleaning July 2012 PDF ~ 94kb
Module 2 Personal protective equipment July 2012 PDF ~ 40kb
Module 3 Work procedures for cleaning ~ Overview July 2012 PDF ~ 29kb
Module 3.1 Building

Internal/external glass/window cleaning

July 2012 PDF ~ 361kb

Hard floors

Soft floors

Walls, skirting and ceilings, doors and surrounds, air vents and air conditioners

Module 3.2 Fixtures

Electrical fixtures

July 2012 PDF ~ 399kb

Kitchen fixtures and appliances

Furnishing and fixtures

Toilets and bathrooms

Module 3.3 Patient related equipment

Cleaning wash bowls, pans and urinals

July 2012 PDF ~ 58kb

Cleaning mobile ward equipment

Cleaning patient slides and harnesses

Module 3.4 Environment

Waste rubbish bins

July 2012 PDF ~ 63kb

Waste, mobile garbage bin removal and cleaning

Module 3.5 Specialised cleaning

Operating theatres

July 2012 PDF ~ 68kb
Module 4 Work procedures for cleaning ~ specialised patient conditions Cleaning blood or other body substance spills July 2012 PDF ~ 131kb
Daily or terminal cleaning of a room/area of a patient with a known infectious disease
Cytotoxic cleaning
Terminal Cleaning Sign-off form
Module 5 Cleaning equipment July 2012 PDF ~ 53kb
Module 6 Cleaning agents July 2012 PDF ~ 61kb
Module 7 Evaluation of cleaning July 2012 PDF ~ 29kb
Module 8 Supporting documents July 2012 PDF ~ 102kb
Chart Colour coding reusable cleaning equipment July 2012 PDF ~ 37kb