National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards

Standard 10 - Preventing Falls

Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls

CEC Resources

NSW Health policies and guidelines are available from the NSW Health website

Relevant policies and guidelines include:

  • Care Coordination: Planning from Admission to Transfer of Care in NSW Public Hospitals, PD2011_013
  • Children and Infants - Acute Management of Head Injury, PD2011_024
  • Closed Head Injury in Adults - Initial Management, PD2012_013
  • Dementia Services Framework 2010-2015, GL2011_004
  • Departure of Emergency Department Patients, PD2014_025
  • Integrated Primary & Community Health Policy Implementation Plan 2007-2012, GL2007_019
  • Nursing & Midwifery Clinical Guidelines - Identifying & Responding to Drug & Alcohol Issues, GL2008_001
  • Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism, PD2014_032
  • Rehabilitation for Chronic Disease - Implementing Volume 2, GL2006_022
  • Rural Adult Emergency Clinical Guidelines, GL2016_012
  • Transport for Health, PD2006_069

NSW Health other

  • Multicultural publications
    • Home Safety For Falls Prevention
    • Be Physically active
    • Falls Prevention – your home safety checklist
    • Home safety and the older person
    • Improve your balance
    • Make the most of your eyesight
    • Prevent Falls in Public Places
    • Stay on your feet with safer shoes
    • Stay on your feet whatever your age