National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards

Standard 5 - Patient ID & Procedure Matching

Patient Identification and Procedure Matching

CEC Resources

NSW Health policies and guidelines are available from the NSW Health website

Relevant policies and guidelines include:

  • Client Registration Policy, PD2007_094
  • Client Registration Guideline, GL2007_024
  • Health Care Records - Documentation and Management, PD2012_069
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Origin - Recording of Information of Patients and Clients, PD2012_042
  • State Health Forms, PD2009_072
  • Incident Management, PD2014_004
  • Consent to Medical Treatment - Patient Information, PD2005_406
  • Interpreters - Standard Procedures for Working with Health Care Interpreters PD2006_053

NSW Health information bulletins

Relevant policies and guidelines include:

  • Coronial Checklist, IB2010_058  
  • Substitute Consent Form Amendment - Patient Information & Consent to Medical Treatment PD2005_406, IB2005_054
  • 2015/16 Service Agreement Key Performance Indicators and Service Measures Data Dictionary, IB2015_053