Quality Improvement Academy

The Quality Improvement Academy Curriculum is Changing

The NSW Health Safety and Quality curriculum and capability development pathways are due for launch in 2021.

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The NSW Clinical Excellence Commission provides leadership in safety and quality in NSW to improve health care for patients. The CEC's Quality Improvement Academy (QIA) is one of the organisation's key enablers of this purpose. The QIA aims to support local health districts and specialty health networks to build and sustain the capability needed to support our joint improvement effort.

The Academy offers training via a variety of modalities such as Face to Face Workshops, on-demand Webinars and regular WebEx's, eLearning, and the HETI My Health Learning platform. The Curriculum includes Leadership and Improvement Science, and the education arm of many of the CEC improvement toolkits such as Open Disclosure, Root Cause Analysis, End of Life, Blood Watch, and Medication Reconciliation.

Improvement Science and measurement for improvement is incorporated into the teaching in many of the Academy offerings, including the Executive Clinical Leadership Program (ECLP) and the Foundational Clinical Leadership Program's (FCLP).

The CEC's QI Academy web pages also includes Quality Tools. Each tool has its own dedicated webpage with a downloadable template, relevant instructions and information about the tools use is explained. Examples of Quality tools are Run Charts, Driver Diagrams, and Pareto Charts & the 80/20 Rule.

Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety

Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety

Our Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety is targeted at frontline clinicians starting in quality and safety improvement. It outlines the foundations of quality and safety and provides an introduction into essential quality and safety tools.

Download PDF ~2.0MB
Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety

Master Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety

The Master Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety has been written and compiled by senior medical, nursing and patient safety professionals with the aim of assisting senior clinicians and managers to make a significant difference in fostering a culture of patient safety.

Download PDF ~3.7MB
Improvement Science Step by Step guide

Improvement Science Step by Step Guide

The Improvement Science Step by Step Guide is a 11-page resource summarising the 14 steps to take to plan, undertake and measure an improvement project and rules for interpreting run charts. This includes steps to explore the problem being addressed as well as scaling, sustaining and spreading changes.

Download PDF ~2MB