QI Academy curriculum changes

NSW Health Safety and Quality curriculum and capability development pathways are due for launch in 2021.

A safety and quality pathway

Safety and Quality Development Pathway

The CEC is NSW Health’s lead agency supporting safety improvement across the NSW Health System. We have been steadily building safety and quality capability since 2007, with over 3000 staff graduating from our Clinical Leadership Program offerings.

Modelling our philosophy of continuous improvement and partnership, we have listened to your feedback and studied what the best are doing, and we are excited to announce that the NSW Health Safety and Quality curriculum and capability development pathways are due for launch in 2021. Improving on the current Clinical Leadership offerings, the pathways will include a new range of contemporary and customised resources and programs designed for the NSW Health workforce.

A key aim of the NSW Health Safety and Quality curriculum and capability development pathways is to build infrastructure and mobilise safety and quality capability in order to meet the changing needs of our patients, workforce and system delivery priorities over the coming years, supporting NSW Health’s vision for 'a sustainable health system that delivers outcomes that matter to patients, is personalised, invests in wellness and is digitally enabled'.

Our goal is that by 2023, all NSW Health Entities will have sustainable local infrastructure to facilitate foundational to adept level capability safety and quality programs and pathways.

The NSW Health Safety and Quality curriculum and capability development pathways are aligned with our shared belief that safety and quality is everyone’s business and to support organisations in ensuring all staff are aware of their role and responsibilities in patient safety and quality improvement.

Available to everyone, the pathways build from a foundational level, suitable for onboarding new staff and orientating staff new to safety and quality concepts, through to advanced level of capability. Resources at each level are mapped to the Healthcare Safety and Quality Capabilities.

The pathways recognise that contemporary healthcare is delivered in a range of settings by teams including clinical and non-clinical staff, in partnership with patients, carers and families. Often it is the little things that can accumulate unintentionally to cause the greatest harm. To provide safe, reliable and effective healthcare every time for every patient, we all need to feel safe to speak up, capable to take action, know methods for improving and ways of measuring the impact of our actions. Safety improvement happens from the bedside to the board room, we all play a role.

Improvements that the NSW Health Safety and Quality curriculum and capability building pathways, resources and programs will deliver from Jan 2021 – June 2023 include:

  • Building on the successful improvement science programs and integrating patient safety, data & analytics, human factors, partnering with consumers for safety and quality, safety cultures and leading safety improvement within the content of all CEC Academy programs.
  • Alignment with current Incident Management legislation and policy, as well as use of contemporary language and safety intelligence systems.
  • Open and multi-modal access to contemporary, evidence-based resources and programs from foundational to advanced level capability.
  • Adept and advanced capability level programs are open to all staff who have met the perquisites, the flexible design allows programs to be delivered to teams, disciplines or individuals.
  • A robust quality assurance framework that will allow for flexibility in integrating local content and data, and for resources to be utilized within local training and development programs.
  • Building an articulation framework that supports continuous professional development and articulates with Master and Graduate Certificate level programs.
  • Bringing together the different people and talents that is spread across organizations and the NSW Health system into a Collaborative Faculty.
  • Partnering with Health Entities to develop partnership agreements designed to support local efforts and priorities in building organisational wide safety and quality capability and infrastructure.

We have set a 2.5-year timeframe, with the goal of system-wide implementation of the NSW Health Safety and Quality curriculum and pathways being completed by June 2023.

From January 2020 the CEC held a series of local and international consultations, that informed the planning & design of the safety and quality curriculum and development pathway resources and programs.

January to June 2021

From January 2021 the CEC will partner with all NSW Health Entities to support their local integration and development of the necessary capability and capacity, including

  • Planning for and support the integration of the foundational level pathway offerings into local clinical and corporate orientation processes,
  • Focusing on identifying and building local faculty capability in working with the resources and facilitating programs at the intermediate and adept level.

July 2021 – June 2022

  • Embed, spread & quality assurance for application of Foundational and Intermediate level offerings.
  • Capability building for Intermediate and Adept level local faculty.
  • Initial local delivery of Intermediate and Adept level offerings.
  • Evaluation, learning, readiness assessment and planning for FY22/23.