Cohort 16 Project Posters

The posters below are by the graduates of Cohort 16 of the Executive Clinical Leadership Program, who graduated in February 2017. Posters are sorted by the author's first name.

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Paramedic Alternate Care Referrals

Aim: Within 7 months a 10% increase in use of Alternate Care Pathways by authorised paramedics on the Central Coast

Andrew Craig
NSW Ambulance


Starting Theatres on time

Aim: To improve the percentage of operating theatres starting on time from 60% to 80% (stretch 85%) by December 2016

Dr Andrea Santoro
Senior Staff Specialist Paediatric Anaesthetist, The Children's Hospital at Westmead
The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network


Mental Health Nursing Workforce Project

Aim: To reduce seclusion and restraint in the Prince of Wales Mental Health Observation Unit by 50% by December 2016 via the recruitment and retention of skilled experienced nurses mental health nurses.

Angela Karooz
Clinical Nurse Manager
South East Sydney Local Health District


Haemovigilance improvement project

Aim: In six months, 100% of notified transfusion reactions at pilot sites will be followed up appropriately, and in six months, 100% of notified transfusion reactions at pilot sites will have a documented appropriate clinical response.

Angie Dalli
Project Officer, Blood Watch Program
Clinical Excellence Commission


Paediatric Emergency Patient Project

Aim: To reduce the time children are co-located with adults in our Emergency Department

Dr Claire Helm
Acting Director of Emergency Medicine, Nepean Hospital
Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District


Culture Change

Aim: Improve Levels of staff satisfaction and morale by 10% by December 2016

Danielle Levis
Acting Deputy Director of Nursing, Westmead Hospital
Western Sydney Local Health District


Decreasing waiting time for Paediatric Developmental Program

Aim: To decrease the average waiting time from acceptance to admission for children accessing the Paediatric Development Program at Royal Far West from 12 weeks to 8 weeks by January 2017

Danielle Lloyd
Clinical Services Manager
Royal Far West (NGO)


Improving outpatient haematology clinics at
Blacktown Cancer and Haematology Centre

Aim: To improve haematology outpatient efficiency such that clinics work within capacity to allow for a 50% reduction in waiting times and 50% improvement in patient consultation satisfaction for patients receiving active treatment for haematological conditions at the BCHC by November 2016

Dr Helen Crowther
Haematologist and Director, Cancer Services
Western Sydney Local Health District


Staying on the path to best practice - Meeting the Aphasia Guidelines across the Stroke journey

Aim: To identify where there are gaps in meeting the Australia Aphasia Rehabilitation Pathway for all patients admitted to Acute Stroke units and accessing rehabilitation services in SLHD

Helen Ryan
Acting Director Speech Pathology, Community Health Services
Sydney Local Health District


Increasing access for Sydney District Nursing patients

Aim: To increase access options for SDN patients by giving patients a choice of appointment locations, implementing systems to identify suitable patients at point of intake that could be automatically allocated to a nursing clinic and identifying additional clinic sites in the Concord and Canterbury area and other appropriate locations.

Jo Leavy
Quality and Clinical Risk Manager
Sydney Local Health District


Improving clinical review through the Northern Sydney Home Nursing Service

Aim: Reduce the delay in clinician and/or patient access for specialist advice by 30% by July 2017

Karen Femia
Nurse Manager
Northern Sydney Local Health District


MLHD Residential Aged Care entry process

Aim: To improve and standardise the entry process including bed management, into Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) Residential Aged Care (RAC) beds.

Karen Solah
Change Manager
Murrumbidgee Local Health District


The Patients' Voice

Aim: Within 6 months, 80% of all patients, or carers admitted to the Neurology / Gastroenterology ward at Nepean Hospital will deliver patient handover once a day during their admission.

Kim Maddock
Nurse Manager, Nursing and Midwifery Directorate
Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District


Valuing Nursing Treatment for Delirium

Aim: Within 6 months to reduce the requirement for nursing specials by 50% on the Medical Ward of Orange Health Service

Leanne Casey
Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services, Orange Health Service
Western NSW Local Health District


Emergency O negative blood holdings in rural Victoria

Aim: By September 2016 develop a method to review appropriate allocation and inventory management of emergency O negative red cell holdings in rural Victoria, and pilot the method of review at two rural Victorian health services by January 2017.

Linley Bielby
Manager, Blood Matters Program
Australian Red Cross Blood Service


Recognise, Resuscitate, Refer & Review

Aim: Within 12 months 90% of patients commenced on the Sepsis Pathway will have their antibiotics reviewed within 48 hours and subsequent management plan documented

Lisa Coombs
Program Officer, SEPSIS KILLS program
Clinical Excellence Commission


Extended Care Paramedic to GP: A Secure Referral Pilot

Aim: By January 2018, 100% of patients discharged by an Extended Care Paramedic will have a referral letter sent securely to and received by their general practitioner.

Malcolm Lau
Project Manager, Extended Care Paramedic Unit Establishment - North Sydney
NSW Ambulance


Improving the efficiency of external pathology results follow up at our Lung Transplant Unit

Aim: Within 6 months we will ensure that 75% to 100% of patients having bloods taken at external pathology services will have their results followed up by our clinic staff and results communicated back to them within 3 days.

Dr Mark Bezimra
Staff Specialist - Lung Transplant Unit
St Vincent's Hospital (Sydney)


Diverting The Stream

Aim: Macksville Hospital General Floor will have 85% occupancy of their 28 funded beds within 12 months.

Mark Tyler
Deputy Director of Nursing, Macksville Health Campus
Mid North Coast Local Health District


The Empower Lymph Project

Aim: By February 2017, 100% of patients undergoing breast surgery in the Western NSW Local Health District at risk of developing lymphoedema secondary to breast cancer will be identified and receive appropriate screening, education and intervention.

Michelle Coore
Acting Allied Health Initiatives Manager
Western NSW Local Health District


Care Rounding in Southern NSW Local Health District Acute Mental Health Inpatient Units

Aim: By August 2016, consumers admitted to the Acute Mental Health Inpatient Units will have a forum with which to communicate their care needs directly to members of the Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Executive.

Dr Pavan Bhandari
Clinical Director Mental Health, Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Service
Southern NSW Local Health District


Northern Mental Health Emergency Centre - Rural Access Program

Aim: Within 6 months, 100% of mental health patients accessing NMHEC-RAP emergency departments to be assessed by a mental health accredited professional within 4 hours.

Peter Kemp
Service Director, Northern Mental Health Emergency Care RAP
Hunter New England Local Health District


Pre-analytical errors in specimen processing

Aim: Estimate, identify and classify the pre-analytical error rate in the bacteriology specimen reception section of the laboratory

Dr Raymond Chan
Head of Department, Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
NSW Health Pathology


Improving VTE Prevention

Aim: By 30 November 2016, 100% of eligible patients admitted under respiratory and general surgery at Blacktown Hospital have a VTE risk assessment completed using the electronic VTE risk assessment tool in the EMR within 24 hours of admission.

Selvana Awad
Project Officer, Medication Safety & Quality Program
Clinical Excellence Commission


Maximising compliance with Hand Hygiene
among Senior Medical Officers

Aim: To achieve hand hygiene compliance rate >90% among Senior Medical Officers in the Emergency Department of Wollongong Hospital by 31 December 2016.

A/Prof Spiros Miyakis
Director Infectious Diseases, The Wollongong Hospital
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District


Increasing Therapeutic Activity in
Maclean Rehabilitation Unit

Aim: Within 6 months, level of therapeutic patient activity in Maclean Rehabilitation Unit will increase by 50%

Tara Chambers
Nurse Manager, Maclean Rehabilitation Unit
Northern NSW Local Health District


Reducing Unwarranted Antipsychotic Polypharmacy in the Forensic Hospital

Aim: By December 2016 unwarranted antipsychotic polypharmacy for all patients in the Forensic Hospital (with the initial exception of female and adolescents patients) will be reduced by 75%

Dr Tobias Mackinnon
State-wide Clinical Director, Department of Forensic Mental Health
Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network


Improve Patient Flow in Rural Regions

Aim: Within 9 months 100% of Health Professionals use an ISBAR format in their referral of rural patients to Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital

Tom Heaney
Chair General Clinical Training Committee
Murrumbidgee Local Health District


Psychology Documentation in Medical Records

Aim: Within six months, 100% of outpatient Psychology and Social Work documentation meets best practice standards.

A/Prof Vida Bliokas
Head of Psychology
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District