Cohort 17 Project

The posters below are by the graduates of Cohort 17 of the Executive Clinical Leadership Program, who graduated in July 2017. Posters are sorted by the author's first name.

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Keeping Them Well - Reducing neonatal morbidity in term neonates delivered by elective Caesarean Section at Gosford Hospital

Aim: To improve neonatal outcomes in babies delivered by an elective caesarean section by improving compliance with established best practice guidelines.

Dr Ahmed Khan
Senior Staff Specialist Paediatric Anaesthetist, The Children's Hospital at Westmead
The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network


The management and investigation of nursing SAC 2 Clinical Incidents at Lismore Base Hospital

Aim: By 30 June 2017 100% of nursing SAC 2 incidents at Lismore Base Hospital (LBH) will be investigated and quality improvement opportunities identified.

Angela Sutherland
Acting Consumer Relations and Privacy Manager
Northern NSW Local Health District


Comprehensive Investigation to the Barriers to the entry of Riskman (CIBER) Protocol

Aim: Within 6 months of the project interventions, to increase the rates of reporting in Riskman by at least 100% (2 Fold) from medical staff.

Dr Anthony Joshua
Department of Medical Oncology
St Vincent's Hospital


Confusing directions: Finding the right pathway for people with delirium

Aim: In the six months to June 2017, there will be a 30% reduction in total bed days linked to a primary diagnosis of delirium, compared to the same period in 2016.

Dr Brendan Flynn
Director of Medical Services
Hunter New England Mental Health
Hunter New England Local Health District


IHI Global Trigger Tool Project, A farewell to harms- making care safer

Aim: By July 2017, Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH) and Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital (SSEH) will have a process in place for the identification of adverse events (AEs) per 1000 occupied bed days (OBD) grouped by category of harm.

Carolyn Smith
Deputy Director of Nursing/Operational Nurse Manager SSEH


Navigating care for the elderly.  Extended Care Paramedic referral to Geriatric Outreach

Aim: To establish a formalised process that enables Extended Care Paramedics to refer clinically appropriate patients to the geriatric outreach services across SESLHD by February 2017 with a 25% increase in the number of referrals made and accepted in the following six month period (stretch 50%)

Claire Walker
Coordinator, Primary & Community Care Program
NSW Ambulance


A systematic reduction of the Hip Fracture 30-Day mortality rate at the Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital

Aim: By July 1, 2017 we will reduce the 30-Day mortality rate of hip fracture patients by 50% at the Tamworth Regional Referral Hospital.

Dr David Healey
Director of Orthopaedics,
Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital
Hunter New England Local Health District


Improving Flow Cytometry at Pathology West

Aim: There are deficiencies in processes that have lead to errors in the reporting of flow cytometry in my institution. This has identified a specific area for improvement of the work-flow and performance of flow cytometry at Pathology West. We aim to improve sample turn around time (TAT) to optimise sample examination and minimise diagnostic errors within 6 months.
Stretch goal - Within one year 100% of patient flow cytometry results will be within the expected TAT.

A/Prof David Brown
Director of Immunpathology, Pathology West,
NSW Health Pathology


Project Swift. Improving access to a psychiatrist in Tamworth

Aim: By 6 months, the waiting period for patients in Tamworth to access a psychiatric opinion will be reduced by 50%.

Dr James Zurek
Clinical Director Mental Health Services
Tamworth Hospital
Hunter New England Local Health District


Not Another DVT in the ED

Aim: By June 2017, 100% of patients presenting to Westmead Emergency department with an acute upper or lower limb DVT will undergo standardized assessment, investigation, treatment initiation and follow up consistent with evidence-based best practice and international guidelines (ACCP 2016).

Dr Jennifer Curnow
Director Clinical Haematology,
Western Sydney Local Health District


Standardisation of community palliative care multi-disciplinary assessments and communication with primary care

Aim: By 31st of May 2017, 100% of patients referred to SDN Croydon centre have a documented assessment of their multidisciplinary palliative care needs (including triage for medical referral) at the beginning of each new episode of care which will be communicated to the GP.

Dr Katalin Urban
Palliative Care Specialist
Palliative Care, Concord Repatriation General Hospital


A clear case - a strategy for improving court reports in sexual assault cases

Aim: Reduce the number of poor quality expert witness certificates to zero by the beginning of 2017

Dr Kathy Kramer
Medical Governance Director Sexual Assault Service and Child Protection,
Mid North Coast  Local Health District


Improving compliance and error rate during service category change

Aim: To improve the compliance rate to 100% and to reduce the error rate during service category change in patients admitted in medical wards at the Campbelltown Hospital by April 2017

Dr Kawaljit Singh
Staff specialist geriatric medicine and Lead Ortho-geriatrician,
Campbelltown Hospital
South Western Sydney Local Health District


Development and piloting of a brief psycho-educational intervention for carers of people with Hoarding Disorder in NBMLHD

Aim: Within 12 months, to facilitate support for people with Hoarding Disorder by promoting awareness and psycho-education of their carers by developing and piloting a brief intervention.

Dr Laura Kirsten
Principal Clinical Psychologist
District Allied Health / Nepean Cancer Care Centre
Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District


ED diversion pathway for Mental Health consumers requiring MH Admission

Aim: To reduce the MH presentations to Hornsby Emergency Department (ED)  of known MH consumers by 33% in 9 months.

Leanne Frizzel
Service Director, Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Mental Health Service
Northern Sydney Local Health District


Reducing Harm from Vascular Air Embolus in NSW

Aim: To improve the percentage of operating theatres starting on time from 60% to 80% (stretch 85%) by December 2016

Margherita Murgo
Senior Project Officer, Partnering with Consumers
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care


Sydney Children’s Hospital based In-House Intra-Operative Neuro-Monitoring (IONM) Service

Aim: Establish a Hospital based Intra-Operative Neuro-Monitoring Service at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead at the beginning of 2019 and expand the Service to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network 2020.

Dr Matthias Axt
Staff Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon
Sydney Children's Hospital Network


ARCBS MO Inbox Management Project (VIC/TAS)

Aim: To improve and standardise the management of the Medical Officer Enquiries email Inbox (MO Inbox) at the Australian Red Cross Blood Services Medical Services Division in Victoria/Tasmania. 100% of emails received into the VIC/TAS MO Inbox will be actioned/allocated at the end of each rostered shift by the end of February 2017.

Dr Melanie Levin
Lead Medical Officer Medical Services Vic/Tas
Australian Red Cross Blood Service


Planning for Gastrostomy Success

Aim: By June 30 2017 100% of patients referred for a gastrostomy feeding tube on ward 8 south have a holistic nutrition management plan pre and post insertion.

Melissa Armstrong
Manager Nutrition and Dietetic Services
St Vincent's Hospital


Breaking Upcoding Routine of Proceduralists (BURP) Project

Aim: Within 6 months of an educational intervention the coding practices of proceduralists with high rates of upcoding will have changed to rates more in line with their peers. (Upcoding refers to the practice of recording additional MBS procedure codes that are not supported by the documentation or clinical necessity of the principal procedure or procedures).

Prof  Michael Edye
Divisional Medical Director Surgery and Anaesthetics,
Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals
Western Sydney Local Health District


Triage category three project

Aim: Increase the triage category three seen by time at Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital to above state benchmark within three months.

Orinda Jones
ISLHD Emergency Services Service Lead
Emergency Services
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District


Improving the Patient Journey for Women with a High Risk Pregnancy in the ISLHD

Aim: Within Six months, >90% of women with a high-risk pregnancy will be seen by a consultant anaesthetist within two weeks of having been identified as High Risk.

Dr Orysia Sandry
Co-Director, Department of Anaesthesia
The Wollongong Hospital
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District


Fixing the SMHTAL Line

Aim: By June 30th 2017, the Sutherland Acute Care Mental Health Team response rate in answering the State Mental Health Telephone Access Line (SMHTAL) will be consistent with the key performance indicators.

Peter Griffiths
Team Leader of the Sutherland Acute Care Mental Health Team
Sutherland Hospital Mental Health
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District


Early discharge post groin dissection for metastatic melanoma

Aim: In 6 months, 50% of metropolitan Sydney patients undergoing a groin dissection at RPAH will be discharged within 2 days.

A/Prof Robyn Saw
Professional position HOD Melanoma and Surgical Oncology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital


The Tiny House Approach to Analytics & Reporting

Aim: By 30/6/2016 100% of CEC staff are able to access and use analytics applications that include data from CEC program areas, activity data and organisation development data

Roger Kerr
Senior Project Officer, Data Analysis & Reporting
Clinical Excellence Commission


Standardisation of Child Protection Policy in Clinic 16

Aim: By July 2017, 100% of young people aged 25 and under attending Clinic 16 Northern Sydney Sexual Health Services will be assessed for youth health vulnerability and managed appropriately.

Dr Rosalind Foster
Senior Staff Specialist Paediatric Anaesthetist, The Children's Hospital at Westmead
The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network


Melanoma clinical trials in the central west - closing the gap

Aim: Within 1 year patients with advanced melanoma will have access to a local clinical trial.

Stephen Millard
Clinical Trials Manager,Orange Health Care
Western NSW Local Health District


Improving Access to Community Health Services in the MLHD

Aim: Within 9 months 100% of Community Health patients will receive the appropriate service to meet their needs

Summa Stephens
Community Care Manager, Integrated Care and Partnerships Directorate
Integrated Care Directorate
Murrumbidgee Local Health District


Running Away Causes Delay

Aim: By June 2017 the number of absconding patients will be reduced by 50% at Coffs Harbour Mental health inpatient Unit.

Tanya Dugard
Quality Manager, Mental Health Services, Mid North Coast Local Health District
Mental Health Services


Remote temperature monitoring of specimens in transport

Aim: Within 9 months there will be 100% compliance with NATA regulations in remote transportation of specimens.

Thomas Karagiannis
NSW Health Pathology Network Manager SEALS North
NSW Health Pathology