Cohort 18 Project Posters

The posters below are by the graduates of Cohort 18 of the Executive Clinical Leadership Program, who graduated in March 2018. Posters are sorted by the author's first name.

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Caring for the Coast - Every Patient, Every time. Optimising Radiotherapy utilisation for Cancer patients of the Central Coast of NSW

Aim: Improve current Radiotherapy utilisation rates in the Central Coast towards the optimal evidence based target of 48% by addressing barriers to referral.

Dr Apsara Windsor
Head of Department Radiation Oncology, Central Coast Cancer Centre
Gosford Hospital
Central Coast Local Health District


Microbiology Extension of Services

Aim: Within 12 months, reduce the number of specimens processed within peak periods by 30%.

Bobby Dimitrijovski
Laboratory Manager
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
NSW  Health Pathology


Decision before Incision

Aim: 50% of high risk patients for possible elective surgery will be seen in a multidisciplinary high risk clinic by December 2017.

Dr Claire Kim
Staff Specialist, Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
Westmead Hospital
Western Sydney Local Health District


EFFIE: Engaging Families For Intervention Early

Aim: Increasing engagement* by 50% with speech pathology services by Dec, 2017. *Engagement = conversion of assessment to treatment. Treatment = attendance @ 1 intervention session.

Danielle Kennedy
Speech Pathologist
Broken Hill Health Service
Far West Local Health District


Multiagency coordination of prenatal Risk of Significant Harm (ROSH)

Aim: By January 2018, 100% of pregnant women with prenatal child protection concerns (ROSH) will have one multi- agency case discussion  during the antenatal period on the Central Coast.

Donna Curtis
Manager Children and Violence Prevention
Central Coast Local Health District


Safe, Appropriate, Timely Admission Process (SATAP)

Aim: To improve patient care and safety at JHH ED:
-  Safe and appropriate timely admission process for stable medical patients
-  Focus on patient journey, patient centred care
-  Standardise clinical care: multidisciplinary team approach
-  Reduce ED waiting times
-  Improve ETP

Dr Dragan Petkovic
Director, Division of Emergency Medicine
John Hunter Hospital
Hunter New England Local Health District


Blood film morphology

Aim: By the end of 2017 there will be an 80% reduction in opportunities for improvement associated with the morphology External Quality Assurance Programme.

Dr Elizabeth Tegg
Clinical Director of Haematology West, Rural and Regional
NSW Health Pathology


“Is it broken?” a review of the Specialist Fracture Clinic of Coffs Harbour Health Campus

Aim: By February 2018 Improve patient reported satisfaction to "satisfied" or "very satisfied".

Gregory Ewart
Acting Chief Physiotherapist
Coffs Harbour Health Campus
Mid North Coast Local Health District


Winter, Spring, Summer & Falls - NSW Ambulance response to the year round problem of falls

Aim: Within one year every non-transported patient >65 and/or has experienced a fall will be assessed for ongoing falls risk and be referred appropriately.

Janelle White
Coordinator, Low Acuity Care
NSW Ambulance


Kangaroo Care Quality Improvement Project

Aim: By 31st December 2017, 60% of infants born at <29 weeks gestation will receive their first Kangaroo Care (skin-to-skin care for ≥ 60 minutes) within the first 72 hours of life.

Dr Javeed Travadi
Deputy Director, Newborn Services
John Hunter Children's Hospital
Hunter New England Local Health District


Think 2 Take 2 Project at Young District Hospital

Aim: To reduce diagnostic error rate by 20% within 12 months.

Joanne Garlick
Director Nursing and Midwifery Services
Orange Hospital
Western NSW Local Health District


Domestic Violence Routine Screening in Paediatrics

Aim: By Dec 2017, 100% of eligible female parents/carers will be screened for Domestic Violence on the Children's Ward at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Dr John Cass-Verco
Staff Specialist Paediatrician and Acting Head of Department
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Sydney Local Health District


Management and Implementing Change in Medication Reconciliation

Aim: To improve medication reconciliation to align with National Accreditation Standards and reduce patient harm. To improve the compliance with the completion of the Medication History Reconciliation (MHR) form.

Dr Kashmira De Silva
Deputy Director Medical Services
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital


Post release engagement of services by custodial pregnant patients

Aim: Within 12 months, 80% of pregnant women on the Connections program will engage with health services in the community post release.

Dr Kavita Seth
Deputy Clinical Director, Drug & Alcohol Services
Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network


Improving Aged Care Specialist Services

Aim: Within twelve months there will be an accessible specialist Aged Care nursing service available to the older person (65 or older and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person aged 50 years or older) in the south-west region of Murrumbidgee Local Health District.

Kerry Sandral
Aged Care Program Manager
Murrumbidgee Local Health District


Changing The Culture Within A Surgical Department

Aim: Within 8 months, staff within the Department of Surgery will demonstrate a 25% improvement in their knowledge and practice CORE values.

Dr Michael Payne
Clinical Director of Surgery
Wagga Wagga Health Service
Murrumbidgee Local Health District


Pathway for the well patient with newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer

Aim: The aim of this project is to streamline and improve the journey for patients with newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Dr Michelle Mulligan
Clinical Director, Surgery and Anaesthesia
Royal North Shore Hospital and Northern Sydney Local Health District


Establishment of Home Based Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin Program for Haematology Patients at Liverpool Hospital

Aim: Establish home based SCIG program for suitable haematology patients. Improve patient satisfaction and quality of life. Free up outpatient ambulatory care booking spaces for other needed therapies.

Dr Minh Hua
Clinical Haematologist
Liverpool Hospital
South Western Sydney Local Health District


Complex Care Coordination of people frequently using NSW Emergency Departments

Aim: Submit a 2018 NHMRC Partnership Project for a Phase II translational study (with cost analysis) for complex care coordination of people frequently using NSW Emergency Departments.

A/Prof Paul Wrigley
ACI Pain Network | Senior Staff Specialist Pain Medicine
Northern Sydney Local Health District


Stop the Delay

Aim: Within 3 months we will reduce the late morning starts of the first surgical case in three orthopaedic theatres by 50%.

Dr Robert Turner
Administrative Head, Anaesthesia
Prince of Wales Hospital
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District


Complete ICU Medical Documentation – "every day, every patient"

Aim: Achieve 100% compliance in Daily minimum standard medical documentation at Fairfield Hospital HDU/ ICU in 8 months.

Dr Ram Lakshmanan
ICU Director
Fairfield Hospital
South Western Sydney Local Health District


Increasing physical activity on a Rehabilitation Ward

Aim: For patients to take an additional 400 steps by their 5th day of admission within 12months on the Rehabilitation Ward.

Sandeep Gupta
Head of Physiotherapy
Balmain Hospital
Sydney Local Health District


Sydney Children’s Hospital Network Asthma Follow Up Integrated Care Initiative

Aim: To reduce representations to SCH ED of children aged 2-16 years with non-complex asthma/viral wheeze who are frequent representers (4 or more times in a 12 month period) by 50% by December 2017.

A/Prof Sue Woolfenden
Senior Staff Specialist Community / Developmental Paediatrician, Integrated Care and Department of Community Child Health
Senior Research Fellow ( Associate Professor), School of Women and Children’s Health, UNSW Sydney


Emergency Department Bypass for Direct Admissions

Aim: By January 2018, 85% of Patients for direct admission, within hours, to Coffs Harbour Health Campus will go direct to ward bed and not via Emergency Department.

Susan Hayward
Nurse Manager Patient Flow
Mid North Coast Local Health District


Introduction of a Cardiothoracic Surgical Bundle to Reduce /Prevent Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)

Aim: To achieve a 30% improvement in staphylococcus aureus sternal wound infections by March 2018.

Suzanne Schacht
Clinical Stream Manager
Cardiac/Respiratory & Intensive Care, District Clinical Streams
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District


Not losing sight of the victim – improving engagement with children and families where sibling sexual abuse has occurred

Aim: By 31 January 2018 100% of parents/carers in sibling sexual abuse matters are engaged with RSAS 3 months post referral from JIRT Health.

Tamahra Manson
Violence Abuse and Neglect Manager
Richmond/Clarence Health Service
Northern NSW Local Health District


Improving responses to BTF yellow zone alerts

Aim: By 31 December 2017, 95% of BTF yellow zone alerts at Batemans Bay will have a corresponding Clinical Review documented in eMR.

Tracey Elkins
Clinical Governance Unit
Southern NSW Local Health District General Manager, Quality Systems
Southern NSW Local Health District


T.A.I.L.s - Therapy Animal Assistance In Sydney Local Health District

Aim: Within 12 months to reduce the individual admissions for "DS" by 90% and within 12 months to increase the provision of animal therapy in Sydney Local Health District by 100%.

Dr Viktoria Sundakov
Director of Psychiatry
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Sydney Local Health District