Cohort 19 Posters

The posters below are by the graduates of Cohort 19 of the Executive Clinical Leadership Program, who graduated in July 2018. Posters are sorted by the author's first name.

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Orthopaedic Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis Improvement Project

Aim: In 6 months, 100% of all admitted orthopaedic patients in the orthopaedic ward will receive appropriate VTE prophylaxis.

Prof Abdullah Omari
Executive Clinical Director, Head of Vascular Medicine Department
Senior Staff Specialist
St Vincent’s Hospital
St Vincent's Health Network


Research engagement, barriers and needs of a large, rural public health organisation: a cross-sectional survey

Aim: To survey Northern NSW Local Health District staff for their thoughts and experience on research activity, and the barriers and enablers to engaging and conducting research in the District.

Dr Alexandre Stephens
Director of Research
Northern NSW Local Health District


Improving Allergy Management in South Western Sydney Local Health District

Aim: Within 6 months all patients attending immunology outpatients will have past adverse drug reactions identified and recorded in the medical records.

Dr Alisa Kane
Immunologist Liverpool Hospital, Healthpathways Clinical Lead
Liverpool Hospital
Western Sydney Local Health District


Nurse-Patient Clinical Handover Engagement Huddle

Aim: By October 2018, 80% of Ward 1 East patients and nursing staff will be engaged in a daily shift to shift clinical handover huddle together at the bedside.

Ann Hodge
Nurse Manager - Operational Nurse Support
Sydney Eye Hospital
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

Louise Dunne
Patient Access Coordinator
Sydney Eye Hospital
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District


Development of a Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Service at the Long Bay Hospital

Aim: Within 6 months, 100% of patient inmates who have been referred to the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Service at Long Bay Hospital, will have their cases either currently active or closed.

Dr Antonio Simonelli
Staff Specialist Psychiatrist
Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health
Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network


Ensuring safe discharge for patients undergoing Endoscopy

Aim: By October 2018 all elective patients admitted under a Gastroenterologist who have sedation for their procedure will have an escort home.

Charlotte Birchall
Manager of Patient Safety and Quality Unit
St Vincent’s Health Network


Looking After the Outliers

Aim: To open a mixed medical ward by April 2018 at 60% occupancy.

Cheryl Trudinger
Divisional Nurse Manager: Acute Medicine
Blacktown / Mt Druitt Hospital
Western Sydney Local Health District


NSW Ambulance Authorised Care Plans: Do they facilitate Care that is in line with the patient’s wishes?

Aim: By July 1st 2018 100% of Palliative Care patients with a NSW Authorised Palliative Care Plan (ACP) from the Liverpool LGA in South Western Sydney Local Health District will have their interventions according to their documented ACP.

Colleen Carter
Coordinator Palliative & End of Life Care
NSW Ambulance


Improving patient care by learning the lessons together

Aim: By the 30 July 2018 90% of SAC 2 clinical incidents occurring in the Northern Cluster will have appropriate review and improvement recommendations made by the clinical review team within 45 days of the incident occurring.

Brigid Ryan
General Manager Organisation Development & Safety
People and Performance
Southern NSW Local Health District

Deborah Oxford-Willson
Assessment Screening and Vaccination (OASV) Manager
Southern NSW Local Health District


Improving the Cell Block Procedure at Pathology West

Aim: Within 9 months, reduce the turnaround time (TAT) by 50% for all Cell block (CB) samples at Westmead.

A/Prof Hema Mahajan
Senior Staff Specialist Head of Cytology & Deputy Clinical Director
NSW Health Pathology


Generating follow-through and value, not workshops

Aim: Within 12 months of the baseline measures (Dec ‘17), workshops facilitated by the CEC Organisational Development team will achieve 3 month follow-up survey results stating:

  • That 75% of participants have noted tangible local follow-through after workshop
  • That 50% of participants believe more value than they expected is being generated from the workshop.

Ian Richards
Senior Advisor, Strategic Implementation
Development Directorate
Clinical Excellence Commission


Connecting Kids through Primary Health Care

Aim: Within 12 months, 80% of pregnant women on the Connections program will engage with health services in the community post release.

Jacqueline Ballard
Nurse Manager Policy Practice Initiatives
Far West Local Health District


Accreditation Ready Anytime

Aim: Bellingen Hospital will have a demonstrated, ongoing program supporting accreditation by July 2018

Jeanette Chapman
Acting Quality Manager
Coffs Harbour Health Campus
Mid North Coast Local Health District


Increasing Weekend Discharge Rates

Aim: To increase the number of patients being discharged by the medical and surgical teams on the weekend for Wyong Hospital within 6 months by 20%.

Jeffrey King
Director of Clinical Services
Wyong Hospital
Central Coast Local Health District



Aim: 100% of patients/residents carers and families will know how to activate concerns for care by 30th June 2018.

Jennifer Griffiths
Health Service Manager
Nyngan Health Service
Western NSW Local Health District


Establishment of Home Based Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin Program for Haematology Patients at Liverpool Hospital

Aim: Establish home based SCIG program for suitable haematology patients. Improve patient satisfaction and quality of life. Free up outpatient ambulatory care booking spaces for other needed therapies.

Kate Hackett
Director of Nursing and Midwifery
Westmead Hospital
Western Sydney Local Health District


Improving the Journey for Complex Rehabilitation Patients

Aim: By April 2018, the average length of stay for Rehabilitation patients on Ground Floor at Port Kembla Hospital will reduce from 32 days to 22 days.

Kerry Shanahan
Director of Nursing
Southern Illawarra Hospitals Group


What a difference an Early Date will Make

Aim: To reduce the wait-list times for children/adolescents, 8 years and older, waiting for a diagnostic assessment.

Dr Lynne Mason
Senior Clinical Psychologist/Team Leader
Child and Adolescent Development Unit
Nepean Blue Mountains


Improving Patient Journey from Decision to Delivery in Patients for Elective Caesarean Section

Aim: To ensure that 80% of all patients for elective Caesarean section are assessed by an anaesthetist within 3 months, 95% assessed within 6 months and all patients are given written and audio-visual information regarding regional analgesia and anaesthesia within one year.

Dr Manoj Mallikahewa
Senior Specialist VMO Anaesthetist
Nepean Hospital
Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District


Improving access to the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Service at The CICADA Centre NSW

Aim: Within 6 months, 100% of all new referrals will have multidisciplinary triage screening within 1 month of referral.

Dr Marcel Zimmet
Staff Specialist Paediatrician
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Service
Sydney Children's Hospitals Network


IMAGINE: An Initiative to Support Wellbeing of Staff at Bulli District Hospital

Aim: To increase staff mindfulness, engagement and workplace wellness > 80% by June 2018 as measured by specific indicators (People Matters Survey Questions).

Marie Tobin
Deputy Director of Nursing
Bulli Hospital
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District


On Time Every Time

Aim: To improve the percentage (%) of First Case on Time for Elective Surgical Patients at Wyong to 75% within 12 months- By September 2018.

Nadine Bridgett
Operational Nurse Manager
Division Anaesthesia, Surgery & Intensive Care
Wyong Hospital
Central Coast Local Health District


Pressure Injury Risk Assessment and Prevention in the Emergency Department

Aim: By the 1st June 2018, 75% of adult patients presenting to Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Emergency Department (ED) will be screened for risk of developing a pressure injury. Additionally, 90% of patients who have been screened as at risk will have prevention strategies implemented and documented.

Nerida Bell
RPA ED Clinical Nurse Consultant / Translational Research Manager
Mental Health in Emergency Department Project
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital


Telehealth and store-and-forward technology to improve access to the John Hunter Hospital Ear Nose and Throat Service (ENT)

Aim: The aim of this project was to improve access to Ear Nose and Throat services to rural and remote paediatric patients utilizing telehealth.

Dr Niall Jefferson
Director – Department Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, John Hunter adults and children’s hospitals.
John Hunter Hospital
Hunter New England Local Health District


Counting Collaborative  Care

Aim: Within 6 months develop a telehealth framework to support 100% of all patients escalated for care and transfer between Gloucester and Manning hospitals.

Phillip Way
District Clinical Network Manager
Hunter New England Local Health District


A Standardised Mortality and Morbidity Clinical Review Process across Four Small Rural Health Services.

Aim: By 1st July 2018 the four small rural health services of Beechworth Health Service, Tallangatta Health Service, Corryong Health and Alpine Health will have implemented a standardised and shared mortality and morbidity clinical review process.

Shell Morphy
Director Excellence & Innovation
Beechworth Health Service