Cohort 21 Posters

The posters below are by the graduates of Cohort 21 of the Executive Clinical Leadership Program, who graduated in August 2019. Posters are sorted by the author's first name.

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Cohort 21 Graduate Posters
Cohort 20 - Improving the Management of Ferritin Test Results

Early Onset Sepsis: Restoring the Balance

Aim: By the end December 2019 less than 5% of infants born greater than or equal to 35 weeks gestation at Gosford District Hospital will receive antibiotics in their first 3 days of life..

A/Prof Adam Buckmaster,
Conjoint A/Prof Paediatrics University of Newcastle, Senior Staff Specialist Gosford CCLHD
Gosford District Hospital
Central Coast LHD

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Improving Care for Eating Disorder Patients at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

Aim: By June 30th 2019 100% of patients admitted for an eating disorder at Sydney Children’s Hospital will receive specialist multidisciplinary inpatient care through adherence to the ward protocol.

Dr Andrew Wallis,
SCHN Eating Disorder Service Co-Lead
Department of Adolescent Medicine
Sydney Children's Hospitals Network


Reducing Late Starts in The Urology Theatre

Aim: By 30th June 2019, improve the first case on time starts performance in the urology theatre to 50%.

Dr Arvind Raju 
Specialist Anaesthetist
Department of Anaesthesia
Nepean Blue Mountain LHD


Incremental Improvement: An HLA Compatible platelet project

Aim: By the 1st June 2019, where an HLA Compatible Platelet is transfused at Westmead Hospital, 60% of the time a platelet increment will be collected 10-60 minutes post transfusion.

Carolyn Scott
Transfusion Nurse, Medical Services/Clinical Stakeholder Advisory
Australian Red Cross Blood Service


Right Care in the Right Place: Winter Respiratory Project

Aim: To reduce the number of respiratory admissions at St George Hospital from July – October 2018 in comparison to the same time period in 2017 by 5%.

Christine Day 
Nurse Manager Medicine, St George Hospital
St George Hospital
South Eastern Sydney LHD


Delivering Safe Care to our Community: achieving sustainable accreditation in the Lower Hunter Sector, HNELHD

Aim: Within 12 months the quality of care [defined by the National Safety Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS Edition 2]) will be measured in LHS services every day.

Di Peers 
General Manager, Lower Hunter Sector
Hunter New England LHD


Improving the mental health care journey for children and adolescents

Aim: Within 12 months, adolescent admissions to the adult mental health inpatient ward in Bega will be reduced by 50%.

Fiona Beston 
A/Manager Community Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services
Mental Health Drug and Alcohol
Southern NSW LHD


Prevent my fall

Aim: 90% of patients aged over 70 years of age admitted to the Acute Aged Care Ward 9 North of St Vincent’s Hospital will have a Screening, assessment and management plan completed with patients, families and/or Carers and communicated to staff within 24 hours of admission by 1 June 2019.

Ingrid Hutchinson 
Project Officer, NSW Falls Prevention Program
Clinical Excellence Commission


Consumer-Connected Education Services: Involving consumers in SCHN Education

Aim: By the end of 2019, SCHN consumers will have reviewed and provided feedback on 80% of programs/courses directly managed by the SCHN Education Services.

Ingrid Wolfsberger
Network Simulation Co Lead - Kids Simulation Australia
The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network


Excite CPR

Aim: By Jan 2021,  increase out of hospital cardiac arrest survivors by 2%.

Jane Gilmour 
Paramedic Educator
NSW Ambulance


Breaching the Benchmark

Aim: To reduce episodes of peritonitis in the Lismore Peritoneal Dialysis patient cohort from 0.89 episodes per patient year to less than 0.5 episodes per patient year, to meet the benchmark as recommended by the International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD), by 1/7/19.

Jane Ruane 
Nursing Unit Manager Renal Unit Lismore Base Hospital
Lismore Base Hospital
Northern NSW LHD


FIB4NOF @ Nepean Hospital (Fascia Iliaca Block for patients with fractured Neck of Femur)

Aim: By June 2019, 90% of patients presenting with hip fracture will receive regional analgesia preoperatively within 3 hours of diagnosis (by X-ray) or arrival to Nepean Hospital Emergency Department (if diagnosed from another hospital).

Dr Jeff Kim 
Staff Specialist Anaesthetist
Nepean Hospital
Nepean Blue Mountains LHD


Improving meal delivery for patients with high risk diets

Aim: By the end of 2019, 100% of patients with high risk clinical diets (aspiration/ anaphylaxis risk) on ward D4A, Westmead hospital will receive the correct lunch meal.

Katherine Lavery
Clinical Lead, Clinical Governance Unit
HealthShare NSW


Improving the Consumer Engagement Process at the Clinical Excellence Commission

Aim: By June 2020, 100% of CEC programs will have engaged with consumer advisors at the right time and in the right way.

Kay de Ridder 
Program Manager, Person Centred Care
Clinical Excellence Commission


Our Choice to PICC

Aim: By June 2019, 100% of inpatients at Coffs harbour health Campus waiting for PICC access will receive procedure within 24hrs of request being submitted.

Kerrie McKenna
Whole of Health Nurse Manager
Coffs Harbour Health Campus
Mid North Coast LHD


A Foot in the Door

Aim: To increase completion rates of Professional Development Reviews for Macksville Health Campus from 63% to 80% by July 2019, with sustainable results through to July 2020.

Lisa Slater 
Deputy Director of Nursing
Macksville Health Campus
Mid North Coast LHD


Falls on Falls

Aim: By June 2019 there will be a 50% reduction of patients that have more than two  falls on the Neurological Rehabilitation ward during their length of stay.

Maria Rice 
Director of Clinical Services Mt Wilga Private Hospital
Mt Wilga Private Hospital
Ramsay Health


Bringing the lab to you – A new approach to remote EEG testing

Aim: Within 9 months 90% of all inpatient testing will be undertaken at the bedside under laboratory conditions.

Mary Lynch
Manager Neurophysiology
Gosford Hospital and Wyong Hospital
Central Coast LHD


Taking Down the Wall

Aim: Within 12 months there will be 90% visibility of all patients requiring inter-hospital transfer between SNSWLHD and Canberra hospital (inpt to inpt only), with agreed timeframes for transfer – dependent on pt acuity, with a target of 100% after 18 months.

Matthew Stephenson
Acting Monaro Cluster General Manager
Southern NSW Local Health District


Start Joint Surgery on Time

Aim: 95% Elective Joint Replacement lists at Lismore Base Hospital will Start on Time by November 2019.

Dr Melissa Goldberg
Director of Anaesthesia & Perioperative Medicine
Richmond Network
Northern NSW LHD


Mind The Gap: Models of Care-Public & Private, Working in Partnership for Better Patient Outcomes

Aim: In 9 months time, 90% patients will have a psychiatric care plan.

Prof Nagesh Pai
Senior Clinical Academic/Professor of Psychiatry
Mental Health
Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD


Improving Regional & Rural Access to Pathology Services

Aim: By July 2019, patients in underserviced rural areas will have access to phlebotomy services within two hours of where they live within the North West Wiradjuri (WNSW) area.

Neil Catlett
Director of Regional and Rural Pathology Operations
NSW Health Pathology


Reducing Length of Stay in Hornsby Adult Mental Health Unit (AMHU)

Aim: By 31st March 2019 there will be a 20% reduction in the length of stay in the Hornsby AMHU.

Dr Nicole Melidonis
Unit Clinical Director /  Senior Staff Specialist


The need for speed - Rapid Blood Culture Identification and Susceptibility Prediction

Aim: To routinely perform direct MALDI-TOF identification and PCR testing for common resistance mechanisms on all blood cultures flagging positive with Gram negative organisms within 2 hours, during normal business hours within 2 years

Dr Robert Stevens 
Staff Specialist in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
NSW Health Pathology


"It Takes a Team" Improving the Recognition of Approaching End of Life (and how we plan for it) in the Acute Hospital Setting

Aim: Within 6 months 80% and at 12 months 100% of all patients admitted into the Cardiology and Gastroenterology units at Blacktown Hospital will; 
* be assessed as to whether they may be approaching the End of Life phase in the near term (days to weeks) or mid term (during the next year).  
* If +ve The Admitting Medical team will undertake  a sensitive and culturally appropriate Goals of Care Conversation with the patient and/or  family and
* An appropriate ADULT RESUSCITATION PLAN (ARP) will be completed in the Electronic Medical Record ASAP: within 24 hours for patients approaching EOL in the near term and within 72 hours for all other patients..

Dr Sally Greenaway 
Director of Supportive and Palliative Medicine and Senior Staff Specialist in Clinical Haematology
Westmead Blacktown and Mt Druitt Hospital
Western Sydney LHD


Mind the Gap

Aim: To increase retention from intake to assessment to 75% by December 2019.

Sarah Adams 
Manager of Allied Health Service ISLHD, drug and alcohol service
ISLHD Drug and Alcohol
Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD


Community Geriatrics Service: Improving referrals and engagement for elders in residential care

Aim: To increase the occasions of care of patients  aged 70 years or older from Residential care facilities (RACF) to the Community Geriatric Service by 50% compared to same period the previous year (May to August 2017 compared to May to August 2018).

Dr Tasneem Mayat
Geriatrician - staff specialist
Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals
South Western Sydney LHD


Are nurses documenting in vein?

Aim: Nurses and midwives administer medications and fluids intravenously every day but the processes and terms used to describe and document these actions vary from ward to ward. This project explores the words used in an attempt to standardise the terminology; streamline the transition to the electronic medical record and improve research opportunities leading to improved patient outcomes.

Tatiana Garwood
Associate Chief Nursing and Midwifery Information Officer
Sydney LHD


Reducing Manual Handling Incidents in the Peri-operative Services unit at Hawkesbury District Health Service (HDHS)

Aim: To reduce the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) at SJGHC Hawkesbury District Health Service to the Health Industry benchmark level of ‘6’ by July 2019 by improving manual handling practices in Peri-Operative Services.

Tina Thew
Senior OHS Consultant; Physiotherapist Hawkesbury District Health Service
SJOG Hawkesbury District Health Service
Nepean Blue Mountains LHD