Upcoming changes to incident management

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New legislation to strengthen incident management

We are changing how we manage serious incidents in NSW, with a reinvigorated focus on patients, carers, families and staff.

Key changes to serious incident management

  • A Preliminary Risk Assessment to ensure the safety of people and the environment
  • Appointment of a dedicated family contact
  • Separate findings and recommendations
  • Additional experts to help develop recommendations
  • Alternate methodologies to Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Implementation by the end of the year

We are working on a new Incident Management policy, education and resources.

Resources to support changes to incident management

Changes video still

Two-minute explainer - Changes to serious incident management

Platform: YouTube Duration: 2m 24s

Not the only big change in incident management this year

The exciting new state-wide ims+ incident management system is being rolled out in 2020. You will implement the changes to incident management after all of NSW Health has switched to ims+.

We welcome your questions and ideas. You can contact the SIM team at CEC-SIIM@health.nsw.gov.au or via phone on 9269 5500.

Director - Trish BraddPolicy Officer - Corina YiannoukasEducation Lead - Maria Jessing