Right to Information (GIPA)

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) the CEC and all other NSW government agencies are required to publish a range of open access information.

This information includes our disclosure log, details of information not disclosed, details of documents tabled in Parliament, policy documents, publication guide and a register of government contracts.

A.1. Disclosure Log

A CEC Disclosure Log will list all applications received by the CEC that are likely to be of interest to members of the public.

A.2. Information Not Disclosed

i.e. open access information not released by the CEC due to an overriding public interest against disclosure As the CEC makes decisions about open access information that may not be disclosed due to an overriding public interest, it will publish this information on this website. This will detail the information requested and the reasons behind the CEC deciding not to release the information.

A.3. Parliamentary Documents

Any documents tabled in Parliament by or on behalf of the CEC will be published on the CEC website.

A.4. Policy Documents

The CEC is subject to, and adopts, the Policy Directives issued by NSW Health.

A.5. Publication Guide

A.5.1. About Us

The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) promotes and supports best practice clinical care in safety and quality across the NSW health system by:

  • Developing and implementing system-wide programs, projects and initiatives that address serious issues of safety and quality in health care
  • Working collaboratively with clinicians, patients, managers, health service partners and the broader community
  • Conducting high-level analysis and reviews that identify risks and opportunities for continuous improvement.

The CEC is a board-governed statutory health corporation established in 2004, under the Health Services Act 1997

A.5.2. Our services

The key functions of the CEC are to:

  • Provide system-wide clinical governance leadership with local health districts and specialty networks, including support of the implementation and ongoing development of local quality systems
  • Develop policy and strategy related to improvements of clinical quality and safety across the NSW public health system and promote and support improvement in clinical quality and safety in public and private health services
  • Identify, develop and disseminate information about clinical quality and safety in health care on a Statewide basis, including (but not limited to):
    • Working with the Health Education and Training Institute to provide advice and inform the Institute's development, provision and promotion of training and education programs
    • Identify priorities for and promo the conduct of research about clinical quality and safety in health care
  • Review adverse clinical events arising in the NSW public health system and develop responses to those incidents including (but not limited to):
    • Co-ordinating responses to specific incidents with system or statewide implications;
    • Providing advice to the Secretary, NSW Health on urgent request or emergent patient safety issues and staff safety issues in a clinical setting
  • Monitor clinical quality and safety processes and performance of public health organisations and to report to the Secretary, NSW Health and Minister
  • Provide the Bureau of Health Information with relevant data about clinical quality and safety in the public health system, to support its public reporting function
  • Consult broadly with public health organisations, health professionals and members of the community in performing its functions
  • Provide advice to the Secretary, NSW Health and Minister for Health on issues arising out of its functions
  • Develop three-year strategic plans and an annual work plan, linking these activities and priorities to the Statewide directions and priorities of NSW Health and work in accordance with these plans and service compact agreed with the Director-General.

The CEC fulfils these functions by:

  • Providing advice to the NSW Minister of Health and Secretary, NSW Health
  • Notifying system-wide safety concerns
  • Conducting quality system assessments
  • Working with public health organisations to facilitate quality improvements
  • Providing a source of expert advice and assistance
  • Developing and promoting a Statewide approach to improving safety and quality
  • Engaging clinicians and the community
  • Identifying and developing training and education strategies and clinical tools
  • Leading the development and system-wide dissemination of evidence-based guidelines
  • Focusing on system issues for improvement across NSW.

A.5.3. Our finances

Details of our finances can be found within the CEC's Service Compact which is published on our website.

Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with the requirements of applicable Australian Accounting Standards (which include Australian Accounting Interpretations), the requirements of the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983 and its regulations, the Health Services Act 1997 and its regulations, the Accounts and Audit Determination and the Accounting Manual for Area Health Services and Public Hospitals.

Our finances and financial statements are subject to both internal and external audit.

A.5.4. Our priorities

The CEC, as part of the NSW health system, supports and contributes towards the seven strategic directions outlined in the State Health Plan released in 2007.

Strategic priorities are outlined in the CEC Strategic Plan, available on the CEC website.

A.5.5 Our contact details

The CEC's website is www.cec.health.nsw.gov.au

i. Telephone:

within Australia 02 9269 5500
outside Australia +61 2 9269 5500

ii. Fax

within Australia 02 9269 5599
outside Australia +61 2 9269 5599

iii. Right to Information Officer

within Australia 02 9269 5500
outside Australia +61 2 9269 5500

iv. Media Officer

within Australia 0434 308 924
outside Australia +61 434 308 924

v. Postal Address

Locked Bag 2030,
St Leonards NSW 1590.

vi. Main Office Location

Level 3
1 Reserve Road,
St Leonards NSW 2065.

A. Register of Government Contracts

The CEC is yet to engage in any contracts to the value of more than $150,000 with private sector bodies since 1st July 2010.

As such contracts are established, the CEC will publish these in a register of government contracts.

The information will include details on the name of the contractor and any related company involved in the contract, the start date and duration of the contract, the good and services to be provided under the contract, the amount payable to the contractor, any renegotiation provisions, tender methods if applicable, and any payment provisions for operational or maintenance services under the contract.

B. Proactive Release

You can ask the CEC what information it will make available to the public, in addition to the information contained on its website. Under the GIPA Act, the CEC is encouraged to release as much information as possible, in an appropriate way and free of charge (or at the lowest reasonable cost). The Right to Information Officer can be contacted on 02 9269 5500.

C. Informal Request

You can request specific information from the CEC. The CEC will release information without the need for a formal application, unless there are good reasons to require one. Your first point of contact should be the Right to Information Officer, on 02 9269 5500.

D. Formal Application

This is the last resort, if you haven't been able to get the information you need in any other way. You can formally request specific information from the CEC. In limited circumstances, access to information will require a Formal Access Application.

Please complete the attached form PDF ~141KB

Your first point of contact should be the Right to Information Officer, on 02 9269 5500.