Med Rec & VTE Prevention Forum Sept 2017

The CEC Medication Safety & Quality team hosted a one-day forum focused on the Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec) and Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention Programs. The forum was attended by over 80 representatives from across NSW, including Local Health District (LHD) and Speciality Health Network (SHN) Med Rec and VTE Prevention Program leads, together with other interested clinicians.

The theme of the day was 'Making It Happen', which was designed to be complementary to last year's forum which had a focus on quality improvement theory. The aim of the day was for attendees to gain practical learnings in order to implement and measure change for Med Rec and VTE Prevention initiatives.

The forum featured a variety of speakers from across NSW LHDs and SHNs, as well as eHealth NSW and the CEC. The presentations explored how organisations have made improvement ‘happen,’ with the purpose of encouraging attendees in their efforts and also to stimulate new ideas.

In addition to the formal presentations, two breakout sessions were held which gave attendees the opportunity to explore particular problem areas within Med Rec or VTE prevention and to think about how quality improvement theory could be applied to implement change. During these sessions, attendees were able to familiarise themselves with some of the newest tools and resources developed by the CEC to support implementation of standardised processes in both Med Rec and VTE prevention.

The forum provided a great opportunity for the Program leads and clinicians to share learnings, support networking and collaboration and stimulate innovation in these important patient safety areas. The CEC looks forward to continuing to provide opportunities for Program leads to connect and share learnings across the state.

For further information, please visit the CEC's Continuity of Medication Management and VTE Prevention webpages.

Forum Presentations

Ms Carrie Marr,
Chief Executive
Clinical Excellence Commission
Improvement is a Journey not a Destination PDF ~304KB
Ms Kate Roper,
Medication Safety & Quality Officer, CEC
Continuity of Medication Management Program Update PDF ~1.1MB
Ms Lillian George,
Medication Safety & Quality Officer, CEC
VTE Prevention Program Update PDF ~1.2MB
Ms Kate Roper, Mr Vinstein Brillante,
Medication Safety & Quality Officer, CEC;  A/Clinical Program Manager, Clinical Governance, South Western Sydney LHD
Med Rec Breakout Session: Supporting Nurses in Medication Reconciliation PDF ~2.5MB
Ms Selvana Awad, Ms Catriona Middleton-Rennie,
Medication Safety & Quality Officer, CEC; Clinical Quality Program Manager, Clinical Governance, Western Sydney LHD
VTE Prevention Breakout Session: An Electronic VTE Solution for NSW PDF ~2.3KB
Dr Harvey Lander, Dr James Mackie,
Director, Systems Improvement, CEC; Executive Clinical Director, South Eastern Sydney LHD & Chair, VTE Prevention Expert Advisory Group
Medical Leadership and Engagement PDF ~2.8MB
Ms Nina Muscillo,
Senior Manager, Medication Safety & Quality, CEC
General Update: Medication Safety & Quality Program PDF ~1.9MB
Ms Nina Muscillo, Mr Aiden Shi, Ms Lucy Nair,
Senior Manager, Medication Safety & Quality, CEC; Cerner Applications Specialist, eMR Connect Program, eHealth NSW; Director of Pharmacy, Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital, South Western Sydney LHD
Med Rec Breakout Session: Measuring for Success PDF ~2.1MB
Ms Lillian George, Ms Ann Callaway,
Medication Safety & Quality Officer, CEC; Project Officer, Data/Information Management, CEC
VTE Prevention Breakout Session: Measuring for Success PDF ~1.6MB
Ms Evette Buono,
Program Leader, Antimicrobial Stewardship, CEC
Making It Happen: Testing, Implementing and Spreading Improvement PDF ~1.0MB