Patient Safety Awareness Week

"As leaders in safer care, the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission is supporting Patient Safety Awareness Week, an initiative of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, international leaders in improved patient care. During this coming week, we are launching new programs and showcasing more of the CEC's programs and initiatives. I invite you to join our virtual sessions providing an insight into the leading edge in clinical practice improvements for safer care."

Dr James Mackie, A/Chief Executive, Clinical Excellence Commission

Get inspired about patient safety

Be a voice for safety. Guiding principles for effective Morbidity and Mortality Meetings (M&Ms)

The delivery of safe and reliable health care in complex clinical settings is reliant on the insight and experiences of health care staff and their voice is crucial. This session provides an overview of the newly revised M&M guidelines with a focus on the What, Why and How. Includes a demonstration of the new M&M module in the CEC Quality Improvement Data System (QIDS) platform.

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Partnering with People for Safety and Quality

This webinar explores the CEC's philosophy on including the consumer voice at all levels of our work and includes recent examples of collaboration on significant initiatives.

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Learn more about patient safety programs. Preview of CEC's new toolkits

What are CEC toolkits? The CEC toolkits support local healthcare teams to start and sustain a quality improvement project focusing on specific clinical or safety areas. The new design and layout allows users to navigate the toolkits more easily. Users can also join a community of practice to track their quality progress and share learnings with other teams in NSW. Come along for a preview of the range of toolkits soon to be available on the CEC website.

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How Safety Fundamentals for Teams improves patient and staff safety

Effective teamwork and communication are foundational elements in a culture of safety and are key elements of high reliability organisations. Our inability to communicate effectively within teams and with patients and their carers is directly linked to patient harm. Safety Fundamentals are practical tools, most of which require a short implementation time and have the potential to bring quick measurable gains. In this webinar we introduce the fundamentals of Safety Fundamentals.

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