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Patient Experience Symposium - April 2019
Patient Experience Symposium
29 - 30 April 2019

The Patient Experience Symposium was held at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney. A wide range of presentations and workshops by health care clinicians, consumers and researchers took place over the course of the two days, with themes including mental health, maternity care, end of life care, Aboriginal care experiences and empowering consumers.

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Patient Experience Symposium - April 2018
Patient Experience Symposium
9 - 10 April 2018

The Patient Experience Symposium, now in its fifth year, was attended by almost 600 people (25% consumers). The event provided the opportunity for consumers and staff - to network and share ideas, works and projects aimed at improving patient experience.

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Prof Jason Leitch
Prof Jason Leitch
10 April 2018

Professor Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director of Healthcare Quality and Strategy, Scotland visited the Clinical Excellence Commission as part of a two week visit to NSW, ACT and SA. As part of his visit, he met with safety and quality leaders from across NSW health, including meeting with senior medical leaders at a morning breakfast session.

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Academy for Emerging Leaders (AELPS)
Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety
6 - 10 April 2018

The Academy was held 6-10 April at the Q Station, North Head. This was the third time the Academy has been held in Australia. The Academy is based on the Telluride model, which commenced in the USA 13 years ago.

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#Hellomynameis - September 2017
27 September 2017

The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) had the privilege of hosting Chris Pointon, co-founder of the successful global campaign, #hellomynameis.

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 ‘Making It Happen’ Med Rec & VTE Prevention Forum - September 2017
'Making It Happen' Med Rec & VTE Prevention Forum
14 September 2017

On Thursday 14 September 2017, the CEC Medication Safety & Quality team hosted a one-day forum. The theme of the day was 'Making It Happen' and the program  featured a number of presentations on how organisations have made improvement ‘happen’ in the areas of Med Rec and VTE Prevention. It was a great opportunity to share learnings, support networking and collaboration, and stimulate innovation.

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Medical Leadership Forum - September 2017
Medical Leadership Forum  
8 September 2017

Promoting and supporting effective medical engagement and leadership across the NSW health system.

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Medical Leadership Forum - May 2017
Medical Leadership Forum  
17 May 2017

The theme of the May forum was the importance of Doctors in driving organisation culture.

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Medical Leadership Forum - March 2017
Medical Leadership Forum  
10 March 2017

The theme of the March forum was Medical Engagement - the important role of doctors in high performing organisations

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Clinical Leadership Program Graduation
CEC Executive Clinical Leadership Program
23 February 2017

Three project officers from some of the CEC's key health improvement programs were among a group of more than 30 senior clinicians to graduate the  Executive Clinical Leadership Program on Thursday, 23 February 2017.

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1st World Sepsis Congress
1st World Sepsis Congress Presentation
13 January 2017 Released

Harvey Lander from the Clinical Excellence Commission in New South Wales, Australia, gave a  talk on their highly successful quality improvement initiative "Sepsis Kills": Early Intervention Saves Lives during the 1st World Sepsis Congress.

'Sepsis Kills: Early Intervention Saves Lives'
Dr Harvey Lander - Director, Systems Improvement