Improvement Science using a Driver Diagram – Virtual Training

26 August 2021, 1:00pm to 2:00pm



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A driver diagram is a simple, visual tool that will assist you to systematically plan and structure your improvement project. It will help you understand the logic of your project and where you are going with your improvement initiative. It is a living document that can be updated at every team meeting where drivers and change concepts can be discussed and agreed upon.

A driver diagram organises information on proposed activities so the relationships between the aim of the improvement project and the changes to be tested and implemented are made clear.

In summary, a driver diagram is a tool for planning an improvement initiative. It will help teams stay focused and on course when they are used as regular references for improvement work. A driver diagram will also help to define which aspects of the system should be measured and monitored to see if the changes and interventions are effective, and if the underlying causal theories are correct. A driver diagram should be updated regularly as the team acquires new knowledge and experience.

This webinar will take participants through the 14 steps to developing a Driver Diagram.

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Further resources

Driver Diagram Starter Kit or use the Driver Diagram in QIDS. You can also visit our Quality Improvement Tools page to find out more about Driver Diagrams.

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