Clinical Leadership and Engagement

Engagement is a crucial component of high performing and highly reliable health systems. In healthcare, engagement has been shown to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services, reduce staff absenteeism and turnover, increase patient satisfaction and improve patient safety.

In the 2008 inquiry into Acute Care Services in NSW Public Hospitals, Peter Garling noted that the role of clinical leaders is absolutely vital. It provides a link between clinicians and management, to drive reform and to performance manage doctors.

NSW Medical Leadership and Engagement Forums

The NSW Medical Leadership and Engagement Forums were established to promote and support effective medical engagement and leadership across the NSW health system. The Forum membership comprised of Executive Medical/Clinical Directors, Directors of Medical Services, Medical Heads of Departments and services, Staff Specialists (salaried) and Visiting Medical Officers (non-salaried).

The Forums were governed by the NSW Health Medical Executive Group, who organised a number of forums each year between 2016 and 2019. The NSW Medical Leadership and Engagement Forums promoted networking and sharing of ideas, learnings and experiences.