Medical Leadership Forum May 2017

The theme of the May forum was the importance of Doctors in driving organisation culture. It included talks from:

  • Dr Jonny Taitz, Director of Paediatric Patient Safety CEC, on the research of social compacts in the USA
  • Dr Mike O'Brien, Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, VIC on the experience of social compacts in Victoria
  • Prof. David Storey, Clinical Advisor, NSW CEC, on Morbidity and Mortality Meetings and how they fit into risk management and patient safety in NSW
  • Dr Martin Mackertich, Medical Advisor, SESLHD, on the use of the DECS tool in Morbidity and Mortality Meetings at St George Hospital
  • Ian MacDonald, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer - Australia, New Zealand & Asia, Studor on Social Compacts and examples from overseas
  • Mr Scott McLachlan, Chief Executive Western NSW Local Health District and Dr Peter Thomas, DMS Orange Hospital, on the WNSWLHD Physician compacts and the medical engagement framework


Scott McLachlan, Chief Executive Western NSW Local Health District
Dr Peter Thomas,
Director Medical Services, Orange Hospital, Western NSW Local Health District,

Ian MacDonald,
Studer Group Australia
Medical Compacts

Dr Jonny Taitz,
Director, Paediatric Patient Safety CEC
Physician compacts - USA experience

Clinical Compacts Working Group, NSW Health
Medical Staff Compacts are linked to consistency of performance and based on agreed behaviours, expectations and aligned purpose with shared goals.
Guidance for Developing Compacts: A tool for Medical Engagement

    Clinician Compacts resources