Clinical Governance Stocktake

The Clinical Governance Stocktake (CGS) is designed to review the effectiveness of clinical governance across a health organisation. The process is built around open and safe conversations that build a shared understanding of strengths, development needs and ideas for action to enhance the organisation's clinical governance.

The stocktake usually involves two workshops: the first with district-level clinical governance staff and the second with clinical and operational leaders from the health services. Insights from both workshops are compared to better understand how existing clinical governance systems, functions and processes impact, or are perceived by, the different groups.

The Clinical Governance Stocktake (CGS) was developed by the CEC to align with the NSW Health Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Program, the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards Standard 1 – Governance and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Safety Management Manual. The stocktake tool has been reviewed by clinical governance experts and updated in line with the latest literature.

A third of NSW Health organisations have used insights from the Clinical Governance Stocktake process to improve effectiveness in patient safety management.