Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention

This toolkit provides information, resources and quality improvement (QI) tools for managers and clinicians to improve VTE Prevention outcomes in NSW health services. The resources may be adapted to suit local needs that is for initial implementation, to review and improve current practices or support current practice.

Venous thromboembolism can result in life threatening or chronic complications, however this is largely preventable in hospital patients through timely assessment of VTE risk and prescription of appropriate prophylaxis. Visit the CEC VTE Prevention website for further information.

As per Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism PD2019_057, NSW Health facilities are required to implement effective VTE prevention processes for adult inpatients, pregnant and post-partum women and adults discharged from emergency departments with lower limb injuries.

This toolkit will assist healthcare facilities to conduct Quality Improvement projects to improve and embed local VTE prevention processes.

To join the VTE Prevention Quality Improvement Community of Practice (hosted via the Quality Improvement Data System - QIDS) the project team must first complete the online registration form.(QIDS is only available to NSW Health staff.)

Following this, the CEC will add the project team to the VTE Prevention Toolkit Improvement Project in QIDS.

Via QIDS, project teams will be able to:

  • Access additional resources and QI tools, including examples specific to the VTE Prevention toolkit
  • Manage their own improvement project
  • Collaborate with other teams undertaking VTE Prevention improvement.

The QIDS Logo icon is used throughout the toolkit to indicate when and how to use QIDS for your improvement project.