Morbidity and Mortality meetings

Morbidity and Mortality meetings (M&Ms) or clinical review meetings allow departments/ specialties/ facilities to review the quality of the care that is being provided to their patients.

M&Ms are a key opportunity for clinical staff to engage in the processes of patient safety and quality improvement and therefore represent an important opportunity for education regarding these processes as well as for senior staff to model appropriate professional behaviour.

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Supporting M&Ms


The updated (2020) M&M guidelines reflect contemporary safety and quality principles and are guided by human factors science to support robust processes that improve learning and system improvement. The guidelines identify the following six core guiding principles with both minimum and gold standard requirements to meet for each principle.

Safe place for learning

Discussion are blame free with a focus on education


Enhancing active participation across the disciplines

Meeting framework

Systematic agenda selection process with support from clinical analytics

Comprehensive discussions

To generate actionable learning and/or system improvement

Lessons learned

Documentation of lessons learned and dissemination of recommendations to ensure action


Pathways for reporting to support learning and recommendations

A M&M module has been developed in the Quality Improvement Data Systems (QIDS) platform to support your local implementation.

M&M modules, developed in partnership with Hunter New England Local Health District (HNELHD), are available on HETI My Health Learning. Discover the My Health Learning Morbidity and Mortality Meetings Learning Path by searching for course code 485627051.

  • Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Meeting - Preparation and Planning (Course code: 130323)
  • Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Meeting - Facilitation and Psychological Safety (Course code: 476703002)

If you have any further questions in relation to the guidelines, contact Debbie Draybi.

Supporting resources

Guiding principles - Morbidity & Mortality Meetings
Download PDF ~312KB

Cue card for presenters - Morbidity & Mortality Meetings
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Checklist for chairs - Morbidity & Mortality Meetings
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Editable paediatrics report template - Morbidity & Mortality Meetings

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