Become a safety and quality partner

The delivery of safe, quality, person centred care is fundamentally grounded in human beings caring for other human beings, with kindness, respect and compassion.

At the CEC we appreciate that your voice is critical to the work we are doing to improve the safety and quality of care delivered in the NSW Health system. Our aim is to build and strengthen relationships between the people who use and work in our health system to achieve the best possible outcomes for all. Our current and future consumer advisors are now known as 'People Partners' to acknowledge the equal importance of everyone's perspective. The intention of our Partnering with People approach is to bring the voice, expertise and experience of patients, families and carers into every aspect of designing, delivering and evaluating the safety and quality of the care we provide.

Find out how you can get involved

Are you passionate about being a voice for change?

We would like to hear and learn from you as a partner with diverse life experiences, including expert insights into the health system as a patient, carer and/or community member. We believe that your contributions, together with those of our health employees will provide the valuable perspectives needed to make ongoing improvements to the safety and quality of our health system.

How to get involved

The CEC is interested in hearing from people from diverse backgrounds and experience of the NSW Health system, who are interested in a voluntary role on the Partnering with People panel.

Members are selected on their ability to:

  • Genuinely contribute to safe, quality, person centred health care
  • Confidently speak openly and honestly in a group, and an ability to listen with an open mind to different perspectives
  • Consider issues strategically by drawing on personal health care experiences, and those of their families and friends
  • Use personal healthcare experiences to explore, understand and problem-solve.

The CEC engages with members of the Partnering with People panel across a broad spectrum of initiatives from the formation of policy to the review of information for patients, families and carers. Engagement takes place through a variety of forums including:

  • Focus groups and workshops
  • Advisory committees
  • Consultation groups.

At all stages of your engagement you will be supported by the CEC's Partnering with People for Safety & Quality Lead to facilitate your working relationship with the team leading the work.

Get involved now

It's easy to join the Partnering with People panel, follow the steps below.

  • complete the application form. (Word version)
  • prepare a one-page resume about your experience and background.
  • send the above documents to Susan Sims, the CEC's Partnering with People for Safety & Quality Lead.


The CEC commits to reimbursing any expenses reasonably incurred while carrying out your role as a member of the Partnering with People panel, including travel and meals. There are currently no paid roles for people partners in this organisation.

How else can you contribute?

Most local hospitals offer opportunities to become a people partner or consumer representative. If you are interested in roles in your Local Health District, please contact your local hospital directly.

These organisations offer alternative ways for you to have a say in the future direction of healthcare:

  • Beryl Institute - A global community of practice committed to elevating the human experience in healthcare.
  • Consumers Health Forum of Australia - Australia's leading advocate on consumer health care issues.
  • Health Consumers NSW - Represents the interests of patients, carers and their families in NSW. Believes in shaping a health system that listens to, respects, partners with and values health consumers.