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Health Literacy Framework

A guide to action.

ACI - Consumer enablement guide

Consumer enablement is the extent to which people understand their health conditions and have the confidence, skill. Knowledge and ability to manage their health and wellbeing. The guide provides information, tools and resources to help consumers, carers and communities manage their own health and wellbeing.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The AHRQ Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit, 2nd edition, can help primary care practices reduce the complexity of health care, increase patient understanding of health information, and enhance support for patients of all health literacy levels.

ACSQHC. Health Literacy: Taking Action to Improve Safety & Quality. 2014

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare wrote this paper in 2014 to raise awareness of health literacy. It is a useful overview of the context of health literacy and how organisations can address it.

Health Education and Training Institute (HETI)

Four podcasts discussing various aspects of health literacy. Available to NSW Health staff via the My Health Learning website.

Plain English

Tips for producing resources for consumers.

The evolving concept of health literacy

Nutbeam, D, Social Science & Medicine 2008;67(12):2072-2078.


A communication tool used to check understanding. The website explains how teach-back can help staff and consumers to communicate. It has a range of helpful videos, presentations and resources. The website was developed by South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) in partnership with Deakin University.

Ten Attributes of Health Literate Health Care Organizations. 2012

Written by Cindy Brach and a team of researchers, this article proposes ten elements that organisations must have to become health literate. Each attribute is listed with practical examples of how to meet it.

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Health literacy resources including infographics, summary sheets and a consensus statement. Click on the link and type health literacy into the search bar.

Trezona et al. The Organisational Health Literacy Responsiveness (Org-HLR) Self-Assessment Guide. 2018

The self-assessment guide aims to support organisations to assess their responsiveness to health literacy, identify strengths and limitations and prioritise improvement activities.