NSW Blood Sector

In NSW, the supply of blood, transfusion practice and patient blood management are governed by multiple stakeholders within NSW Health and national agencies.

National Governance

Blood and blood products are provided under the National Blood Agreement 2003 to which all Commonwealth state and territory governments are signatories.

The National Blood Authority is a statutory authority that represents the interests of the Australian and state and territory governments and sits within the Australian Government's Health portfolio.

The National Stewardship Statement for the Supply of Blood and Blood Products was signed in November 2010 and outlines the expectations for responsible, sustainable and appropriate use of blood and blood products at every level of the blood sector. National governance arrangements and responsibilities for blood and blood products are outlined in:

New South Wales Governance

The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) convenes and manages the (NSW Blood Management Governance Committee) BMGC, in consultation with Ministry of Health (MoH), Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and NSW Health Pathology.

NSW Blood Management Governance Committee

The NSW Blood Management Governance Committee is the multiagency group responsible for the oversight of a strategic plan to monitor and manage risks associated with blood and blood products in NSW.

Contact the Committee: cec-bloodwatch@health.nsw.gov.au

NSW Blood Management Clinical Advisory Committee

The NSW Blood Management Clinical Advisory Committee is a multidisciplinary group which provides expert clinical advice and strategic direction for the clinical use of blood and blood products and patient blood management in NSW public and private sectors.

Contact the Committee: cec-bloodwatch@health.nsw.gov.au