Human Factors Learning Day 2020

How can we embed human factors as a part of our everyday business? This question was posed at the CEC's recent Human Factors Learning Day, attended by over 80 multidisciplinary staff from LHDs as well as consumers. Answers from the day will inform a white paper for embedding human factors into approaches for patient safety across NSW Health.

The day focused on beginning dialogue and discussion on improving patient safety through a better understanding of how people interact in a healthcare setting.

Carrie Marr explained Human Factors as "about enhancing clinical performance through an understanding of the effects of teamwork, tasks, equipment, work space, culture and organisation on human behaviour, and abilities and application of that knowledge in clinical settings."

"Having a better understanding of the human aspect of patient care at the outset, paves the way to identify the opportunities for improvement to ensure clinical team work as effectively as possible".

Dr Charlotte Hall and Dr Sue Velovski (Northern New South Wales Local Health District), Mick Aspinall (Founder and CEO Factor Performance), and Anthony Lock (Director Patient Safety and Human Performance, Royal Perth Hospital) set the scene with thought-provoking and, at times, confronting stories from the clinical front line.

Using World Café Methodology, over three sessions, participants worked on ideas, models and recommendations on topics including user-centered design, leadership, safety culture, capacity and capability, and investigating adverse events.

"It was great to see the sustained energy and enthusiasm from the group to effect change, even with challenging topics at play," said Director Patient Safety, Dr Trish Bradd.

"In addition to a really valuable day in terms of generation of ideas, I'd like to commend the teamwork and collaboration by CEC teams from Patient Safety, Systems Improvement, Corporate Services and Capability and Culture."

"We came together through a shared purpose to promote and support improved clinical care, safety and quality across the NSW public health system."

Human Factors Learning Day 2020