Safer Baby Bundle

In NSW for every 1000 babies born, six will be stillborn, affecting around twelve families each week.

The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) has partnered with the Stillbirth Centre for Research Excellence (CRE), NSW Health, Safer Care Victoria and the Queensland Clinical Excellence Division, in a national initiative to reduce the number of stillborn babies.

The Stillbirth CRE's Safer Baby Bundle aims to reduce the number of preventable stillbirths after 28 weeks gestation, by 20% by 2023. The Safer Baby Bundle has five evidence-based elements that emphasise the importance of best practice care. Reinforcing the five elements of the Bundle by providing women with midwifery continuity of care, has the potential to strengthen the Bundle's impact and reduce the rate of stillbirth.

The 5 Safer Baby Bundle elements are:

Element 1: Supporting women to stop smoking in pregnancy
Element 2: Improving detection and management of fetal growth restriction
Element 3: Raising awareness and improving care for women with decreased fetal movements
Element 4: Improving awareness of maternal safe going-to-sleep position in late pregnancy
Element 5: Improving decision-making about the timing of birth for women with risk factors for stillbirth

Safer Baby Bundle - Information for general practitioners

NSW has four Local Health Districts involved in the research arm: Hunter New England, Central Coast, South West Sydney, and Western Sydney (total of 24 hospitals). These sites were chosen because of their Stillbirth rate, smoking in pregnancy rate, Indigenous population, diverse CALD population, and geographical population representing remote rural, rural and metro.

Implementation of the Safer Baby Bundle will be undertaken by the whole of NSW. CEC will work in partnership with key NSW networks to support the statewide implementation. The networks include the Maternity Risk Network, the Clinical Midwifery Consultants Network, the Midwifery Managers Network and the Primary Health Network.

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