Preterm Birth Alliance NSW

The Clinical Excellence Commission and NSW Ministry of Health are proud to be supporting the Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative. The Alliance is a national partnership of clinical leaders, researchers, health departments, and communities working together to safely lower the rate of early birth, and with it, save untold heartache for Australian families.

In NSW, there are significant opportunities to reduce preterm birth and thus  improve short term and longer term health for  babies. Judicious decision-making about the timing of early planned birth is likely to be an effective strategy to prevent prematurity or reduce its consequences by safely prolonging gestation.

To assist clinicians in this area, we are developing materials to assist with:

  • risk assessment and management planning early in pregnancy for women with identified increased risks for preterm birth
  • shared decision-making with women and families if early planned birth is being considered
  • educational public awareness messaging about the important maturational changes that occur late in pregnancy.

Smoking is universally accepted as a modifiable risk factor that significantly contributes to poor pregnancy outcomes, including preterm birth. In NSW we plan to identify those areas in which smoking cessation interventions can be specifically targeted to produce most effective results.

Finally, multiple pregnancy is a significant contributing factor to preterm birth and we are developing strategies to optimise outcomes in this high risk group.