What we will partner on

Partnerships are fundamental to the Mental Health Patient Safety Program. The Clinical Excellence Commission will collaborate and partner with LHNs/SHNs, the NSW Ministry of Health departments, the NSW Health Pillars and consumer groups on the following safety focus areas:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Seclusion and Restraint
  • Physical Health
  • Medication Safety

How we will partner

The Clinical Excellence Commission strives to:

  1. Actively promote engagement, involvement and partnership with patients and their families at all levels. This includes in treatment and recovery, in patient safety and quality of care initiatives, and service design, development and monitoring.
  2. Build and facilitate engagement, support and partnership with frontline teams and clinicians. It is at this level of the system that most safety and quality interactions occur. Front line clinicians and teams are closest to the critical patient, family and staff experiences that can best inform where improvement is required.
  3. Encourage better integration, connection and partnership across hospital departments, inpatient and community, and between sectors and across LHDs/SHNs. Expertise from elsewhere in the LHDs/SHNs might also be important to a mental health clinical pathway or quality project, and vice versa.
  4. Support greater engagement, partnership and coordination between and within the NSW Ministry of Health and NSW Health Pillars. Together, we need to coordinate our message and expectations, be respectful of the pressures and challenges experienced by the LHDs/SHNs and regularly check-in with staff in the LHDs/SHNs in relation to their changing context and needs.