Patient care fundamentals

Contemporary practice focuses on patient care fundaments to support provision of safe, quality care for patients. The following are key components and when completed reliably will assist in preventing /reducing preventable harm to patients such as falls, pressure injuries, delirium, urinary tract infections and pneumonia.

The key components include:

  • Regularly assessing and managing a patient's pain
  • Supporting patients with showering and personal hygiene. Check skin regularly and apply moisturiser and/or barrier creams to improve skin integrity and identify any issues early i.e. pressure injuries / Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD)
  • Supporting patients with oral hygiene, cleaning teeth, ensuring dentures are cleaned and available
  • For patients that are immobile reposition regularly
  • Pre-empting patient's toileting needs – start a toileting plan, assist to the toilet and supervise when needed, determine patient's usual night-time toileting habit, proactive toileting for patients that are confused
  • Monitoring, care and timely removal of urinary catheter and venous access devices
  • Confirm that sensory support devices are available, in working order and in reach e.g. glasses, hearing aids
  • The environment is clutter free and mobility aides/equipment is in place and the buzzer is available and accessible
  • Ensuring the night-time environment is conducive to sleep - minimise noise and bright lights. e.g. use night lights.

Intentional rounding will support the delivery of the patient care fundamentals.