Training for NSW Health Staff

Orientation and training programs related to pressure injury prevention and management are available to support staff in the delivery of quality patient care.

My Health Learning contains the following modules for staff:

Additional Modules

Clinical Education Tools

An education package for clinicians which highlights the importance of identifying risk, communication and documentation, involvement of patients and/or their carers with clinicians to develop individualised care plans, working as a team to implement appropriate prevention strategies, and patient based care, has been developed.


The videos below are available as high resolution videos on YouTube only. If you wish to use high resolution copies locally (same resolution as YouTube), please contact us via email

Madge’s Story

Two daughters, both nurses, tell this story about their mother who developed a pressure injury during a hospital admission lasting 10 days.

YouTube video (high resolution)

Length 6:57

Pressure Injury Prevention
Take the Pressure Off (Sep 2016)

This video highlights the important role of the care team in pressure injury prevention.

YouTube video (high resolution)

Length 6:57

Jake's Story

Supporting Resources