A senior manager and/or a governance group is responsible for monitoring compliance with the health service pressure injury policies, procedures and protocols, and ensuring there are systems in place to monitor and analyse pressure injury data, and conducting relevant quality improvement activities.

Governance Framework

The following steps may assist when developing a local governance structure for pressure injury prevention and management:

  1. Establish a strong case for change
    Policy requirement
    Gather baseline pressure injury data

  2. Establish governance arrangements and a program team
    Identify executive sponsor and program stakeholders
    Consider creating an engagement and communication plan

  3. Recruit respected and influential leaders and champions
    Seek advice from others who have led organisational change programs

  4. Identify barriers and enablers of pressure injury prevention
    Brainstorm causes of inadequate or delayed recognition and treatment
    Consider actions to address barriers
    What are the enablers that will support the implementation?

The CEC has developed a template for local use to help implement governance structures. It is a necessary step in the prevention and management of pressure injuries in local facilities.