On this page you will find national and international sepsis publications as well as articles relating to the background, clinical tools and evaluation of the NSW SEPSIS KILLS program.

National and international publications and guidance

The National Sepsis Clinical Care Standard provides guidance to clinicians and health service organisations and information for consumers about the care they can expect to receive.

The Third Edition of the Australian national consensus statement for recognising and responding to acute physiological deterioration includes sepsis.

Updated Surviving Sepsis Campaign international guidelines for adult patients and paediatric patients.

SEPSIS KILLS program publications

Clinical Focus Report: recognition and management of sepsis.

This report initiated the development of the SEPSIS KILLS program and describes the outcomes of a review of the deficits in timely recognition and management of sepsis in health facilities in NSW, Australia.

SEPSIS KILLS: early intervention saves lives

An article describing the implementation of a statewide program for early recognition and treatment of sepsis in emergency departments in NSW, Australia.

Serum lactate cut-offs as a risk stratification tool in emergency department patients screened for sepsis

An article describing the importance of sepsis screening algorithms incorporating a serum lactate cut-off of ≥2 mmol/L as a threshold for the initiation of specific interventions and increased monitoring.

Lactate ≥2 plus qSOFA improves identification of sepsis in emergency department patients

An article showing the lactate ≥2 mmol/L threshold-based LqSOFA(2) score performs better than qSOFA alone in identifying risk of adverse outcomes in ED patients with suspected sepsis.

Evaluation and optimisation of risk identification tools for the early detection of sepsis in adult inpatients

A report detailing the evaluation of the performance of the CEC Adult Sepsis Pathway, CERNER Modified St John Rule and the qSOFA score. Subsequent modelling was undertaken for future clinical decision support development.

Improving the performance of clinical decision support for early detection of sepsis: a retrospective observational cohort study

An article outlining the data driven approach to improve the clinical decision support on early detection of sepsis.

Evaluation of an augmented emergency department electronic medical record-based sepsis alert

An article describing the evaluation in five emergency departments of a hybrid alert for identifying sepsis and secondary outcomes from infection.

Computerized clinical decision support systems for the early detection of sepsis among adult inpatients: scoping review

An article showing the variability in the current body of literature investigating the implementation of clinical decision support systems for the early detection of sepsis in adult patients in hospital.

Comparison of different sepsis scoring systems and pathways in bacteraemic and non-bacteraemic patients presenting to the emergency department.

An article detailing the assessment of the performance of existing scoring systems and pathways (including the SEPSIS KILLS adult pathway) to identify individuals in the broader categories of sepsis.